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Revisiting the Hypnotic Work of Jason Rhoades

Anna Dorn :: 03.03.2017
600 neon signs depicting slang words for vagina & more at the first major Los Angeles exhibition devoted exclusively to the work of the late artist Jason Rhoades. Read more

Fit for a Supervillain :: The Hundreds X DOOM Is Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 03.02.2017
The notoriously reclusive DOOM has stepped from behind the shadows to work with The Hundreds for a new capsule collection. Read more

How Zev Love X Became DOOM :: A Supervillain Origin Story

Brandon Diaz :: 03.02.2017
Like all proper masked heroes, DOOM has an origin story underwritten by a tragic personal loss, a music industry fallout, soul searching, and rebirth. Here's how hip-hop's supervillain was born. Read more

Meet Ryan De La Cruz, the Rising East London Rapper Breaking Boundaries

Tom Winslade :: 03.02.2017
Ryan De La Cruz is a rising artist in the formative stages of his career, bubbling up out of London Town amongst a new generation of self-realized superstars. Read more

Death Sentences Reading Club :: Q&A with Davy Rothbart

Kazie Holiday :: 03.01.2017
Author Davy Rothbart will be in attendance for a special Q&A and book signing of his new novel My Heart Is an Idiot at The Hundreds Los Angeles next week for Death Sentences Reading Club. Read more

This Thursday :: The Hundreds & Jensen Karp Present the #RSWD10 Comedy Show

Kazie Holiday :: 03.01.2017
In celebration of RSWD's 10 year anniversary, we're throwing a comedy with Jensen Karp next Thursday, March 2 on Fairfax. Read more

Split Personality :: The Genius of FUTURE HNDRXX

Patrick Bierut :: 03.01.2017
Future takes a gamble with his deluxe album FUTURE HNDRXX. But does it pay off? We investigate. Read more