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LA THROUGH AND TRUE :: The Ben Baller Interview

Shirley Ju :: 03.27.2019
When you think of Ben Baller, you may automatically think of jewelry and the vast list of hip-hop stars he has iced out, perhaps best immortalized by A$AP Ferg’s “Ben Baller did the chain” line on ... Read more


VideoDaze :: 03.26.2019
Read about The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of the 26″ BMX Bike The Hundreds X The Shadow Conspiracy 26″ BMX bike and collection, featuring matching jersey, tees, pullover, and hat, releas... Read more

The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of the 26" BMX Bike

Duke London :: 03.26.2019
As we zoom out and look at the biking industry over time, BMX bikes have trended the way of the cell phone, in a sense. At first, big. And then, as technology advanced, small — shrinking exponentia... Read more

The Hundreds X The Shadow Conspiracy

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.25.2019
On March 28, two legendary teams join forces once more, as The Hundreds is collaborating with The Shadow Conspiracy to release an extremely limited edition BMX bike. This isn’t the first time thes... Read more

QUEEN MARY :: A Haunting in Long Beach

Julie Tremaine :: 03.22.2019
It’s impossible to look at the Queen Mary, the retired cruise ship that’s now a permanently-docked floating hotel in Long Beach, and not think of the Titanic. Both are Cunard White Star Line ships ... Read more

Celebrate The Golden State's 10 Year Anniversary with The Hundreds

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.21.2019
Attention fellow carnivores! Here’s a collab from The Hundreds you can really sink your teeth into. Tomorrow (March 22), we’re helping The Golden State celebrate their 10th anniversary with a doub... Read more

TEEN MOVIE HELL :: Coming Of Age with Mike “McBeardo” McPadden

Tony Rettman :: 03.19.2019
As a prepubescent loser growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey during the 1980s, my sense of humor was shaped by the kind of low-grade, teen sex comedies which aired on late night cable ad infinit... Read more

Our New POWER HOUR Playlist Will Get You Ready for the Weekend

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.15.2019
The last hour of the work week can be tough. Thoughts of the incoming weekend and all the inherent activities said weekend brings come creeping in toward the end of Friday. You just accidentally ty... Read more

KID CUDI :: An Unlikely Fashion Icon

Kish Lal :: 03.14.2019
After a chance meeting at a Virgin Megastore in 2004, Kid Cudi and Kanye West were destined to do great things together. “Kid Cudi Saved My Life” is a sentiment most recently shared by SNL star, Pe... Read more

LA MASH :: RSVP to Ride Alongside The Hundreds and The Shadow Conspiracy

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.12.2019
The Hundreds is gearing up to release our latest bicycular creation into the world, a 26″ retro BMX beauty built by The Shadow Conspiracy. To kick off the party, we’re mashing around LA on our bik... Read more

Swiss Artist KKADE and the Lost Art of Writing Letters

Trina Calderón :: 03.12.2019
Bern, Switzerland-native KKADE utilizes exceptional talent and artistry in his approach to lettering. His distinct style of typography features delicate lines with bold strokes and he translates th... Read more

RECAP :: Uzumaki and AK the Savior Capture the Vibe of Gemini

Duke London :: 03.11.2019
To celebrate the release of their collaborative art and poetry book, Gemini, Uzumaki and AK the Savior threw two parties in one night with The Hundreds last week. The first was held at The Hundreds... Read more

AUX Duty :: Alex Wiley

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.11.2019
If you haven’t already read our new interview with Chicago artist Alex Wiley… c’mon. The Chicago musician stopped by HQ for a healthy visit, chopped it up about a wide range of topics, and even bl... Read more

Bobby Hundreds Dropped Gems on Entrepreneurs at Shopify LA

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.11.2019
This past week, as part of Shopify LA’s monthly Merchant Mentor Sessions, our co-founder Bobby Hundreds dropped by to speak, answer questions, and meet some longtime advocates of The Hundreds. The... Read more

VERY CLOSE :: Alex Wiley Takes the Train to Enlightenment

Duke London :: 03.08.2019
It took roughly three seconds for Alex Wiley’s new album Tangerine Dream II to hit home for me. The familiar beeps that accompany the robot conductor announcements on LA’s metro trains are instantl... Read more

How Shopify Brought Brick-and-Mortar Full Circle

Duke London :: 03.04.2019
The streetwear boom has been happening for a decade or more, that’s not breaking news. But a new development in the past few years has been just how fast brands are growing from idea to full-blown ... Read more

$teven Cannon Left His Phone at Our HQ So We're Leaking a Music Video

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.02.2019
We had $teven Cannon into HQ a week or two ago for an interview and photoshoot, and he left his phone here. Yeah yeah yeah, we told him he forgot it and shit, but not before we raided his unrelease... Read more

Announcing Our Next (101) Party and Collaboration with Uzumaki X AK The Savior

Alina Nguyen :: 03.02.2019
UZU x AK Uzumaki Cepeda and AK the Savior each possess an overflowing wealth of talent respectively but have joined forces to create together, crafting GEMINI, a composition book filled with stri... Read more