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Vehicle Vixen :: The Biggest Porsche Gathering on the East Coast

Vehicle Vixen :: The Biggest Porsche Gathering on the East Coast

Miami can be kind of excessive, especially when it comes to cars. You don’t need to go very far to see something rare or expensive out here, and there’s something for every kind of enthusiast. I always find myself attending different types of car events, but DRT is by far my favorite. A Porsche only meet? I’m there.

Following in the footsteps of VolksBlast (a 20 year VW meet up), Das Renn Treffen (translation: The Race Meet) was founded in 2015 as South Florida’s annual Porsche gathering. With Miami’s top Porsche shop, Parkhaus1, behind the production, it’s obvious why there were so many gems in attendance. In only its third year, DRT brought an astounding number of cars to the heart of Miami, shutting down Sunset Place for an entire afternoon. 400 Porsches valuing close to 100 million dollars. Ohmygawd. And even better, the proceeds from the event go toward benefitting local charities.

This was my second time attending the fairly new show, and as a major Porsche fanatic, I was looking forward to it. People hear “Porsche” and paint a picture in their head of an older wealthy gentleman or a suave drug dealer, but that’s not really been the case for the evolving hobbyist over the last decade. From the most iconic designs to new diverse body styles and the fastest builds, Das Renn Treffen is Porsche heaven.

My favorite of the 3 Singer models at the show.

RAUH – Welt Begriff  – Yukinohana

(that green 964 RSR is one of my favorites, oh lawd)

RAUH- Welt BegriffIchibanoshi

The early success of Das Renn Treffen says a lot about my city and the tasteful culture it has to offer. The arts, entertainment, and local events in Miami have become more global and people are visiting for a lot more than fake tits and a Piña Colada on the beach.

If you’re visiting next February make sure to check out Das Renn Treffen, or shoot me a message (@ShaynaBatya) to find out about other car events year-round. #VehicleVixen.


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