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"It's Not About Clothes" :: Bobby Hundreds Asks Insiders What Streetwear Means to Them

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.31.2017
"It's a lifestyle. It's not a clothing piece. It's how we feel. It's how we live. It's what we listen to. It's what we eat. It's how we spend our money." Read more

5 Ways Takashi Murakami Revolutionized Pop Culture

Charlie Kane :: 07.25.2017
What happens when art is treated like merch? We discuss 5 game-changing Murakami projects and how they've changed the pop culture landscape, from collabs with Kanye West to Louis Vuitton. Read more

How Gildan Became the Biggest Name in Streetwear

Alec Banks :: 07.24.2017
Many streetwear brands rely on one of three companies to provide a blank T-shirt. Montreal-based blanks brand Gildan recently acquired all 3, generating $2.59 billion revenue in 2016. Read more

Agenda Show's First-Ever Festival Was a Melting Pot of Counterculture

Kazie Holiday :: 07.17.2017
Agenda Show opened their doors for the first time to the public this past week—and here's a photo recap of everything that went down at the festival. Read more

People Over Product :: Complex Features Bobby Hundreds on New Interview Series 'The Blueprint'

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.17.2017
Following their in-depth interview with the legendary Jimmy Iovine, Complex's new series The Blueprint profiles The Hundreds' co-founder Bobby Hundreds for their second episode. It's dope. Read more

The Sound & the Fury :: A Brief History of Revelation Records

Anthony Pappalardo :: 07.16.2017
"30 years later, [Revelation Records is] still putting out vital music... maintaining a legacy that’s ripe to be discovered by new audiences ready to get tangled in their family tree." Read more

Q&A: UK Designer/Illustrator Joe Prytherch on His Work from Stones Throw to Boiler Room

Manos Nomikos :: 07.10.2017
"I find that the most effective way of getting inspired is not to force yourself to come up with ideas, but to keep a project in the back of your mind as you go about your day, and then out of nowh... Read more

Triumph & Tragedy :: The Jackson Pollock Story

Kat Thompson :: 07.06.2017
“I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.” In honor of our upcoming The Hundreds X Jackson Pollock co... Read more

A Few of Our Favorite Artists Remember Jackson Pollock

Zio :: 07.06.2017
“Jackson Pollock embodies resolute determination in his depiction of chaos. It’s his clarity of vision that shows through in his finished paintings that I admire the most.” From 2shae to Brian Scot... Read more

In Memory of Our Dear Friend Stevie Ryan

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.05.2017
There aren't words to describe the loss of light and talent that burned so brightly in our friend Stevie Ryan. We love you and miss you, Stevie. Read more

The 5 Most Iconic Paintings by Jackson Pollock

Zio :: 07.05.2017
In anticipation of this Friday's release of the The Hundreds X Jackson Pollock collection, we revisit 5 of the painter's most iconic works, from Lavender Mist to Convergence. Read more