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Upset the Setup :: An Interview with Todd Francis, Skateboard Artist & Visual Instigator

Anthony Pappalardo :: 05.30.2017
After 2 decades of Antihero, artist/illustrator Todd Francis’s sardonic take on politics, culture, and everyday life casts him as one of the greatest visual instigators of our generation. Read more

Recap :: SPITSET featuring Boogie, Left Brain, 1-O.A.K., & Wavy Baby

Kazie Holiday :: 05.22.2017
SPITSET has returned and summer has begun with performances by Boogie, Left Brain, 1-O.A.K., and Wavy Baby. Read more

Synth-Funk Musician Com Truise Opens Up About His First Studio Album in 6 Years, "Iteration"

Anna Dorn :: 05.22.2017
Com Truise's music explores, "longing, hope, anxiety, and triumph" while sounding like a cinematic, sci-fi fantasy on his latest album, Iteration. Read more

The Unbreakable Spirit & Unfortunate Luck of Designer Jon Contino

Tyler Watamanuk :: 05.15.2017
"I just like to have a tactile legacy—I like to leave a trail of paper and product behind me that details all the shit that I've gone through." A story about the unpredictability of the apparel ind... Read more

THIS FRIDAY :: The Hundreds SPITSET Returns with Left Brain, 1-O.A.K., Wavy Baby

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.10.2017
RSVP now for next Friday's Spitset in LA, featuring the inimitable Left Brain and Oakland's 1-O.A.K. By the culture, for the culture. Read more

Talking Visual Branding & Consistency with Brandon Breaux, the Artist/Designer Behind Chance the Rapper's Album Art

Charlie Kane :: 05.08.2017
We talk to artist/designer/creative director Brandon Breaux about visual branding, the creative difference between how Kanye & Drake appropriate culture, & investing in work that will stand... Read more

Recap :: Last Friday's Cinco de Mayo on RSWD Was Legendary

Kazie Holiday :: 05.07.2017
Tacos, beers, Five's Veuve Clicquot, music by Alexander Spit, and the RSWD kids on the block—sounds like another Cinco de Mayo The Hundreds style. Read more

KC Ortiz for The Hundreds X Grizzly :: Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 05.05.2017
Introducing KC Ortiz for The Hundreds X Grizzly, available now. Read more

The Insane Story Behind Iconic Hot Sauce Brand Tapatio's Legacy

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.04.2017
A father with a family recipe, juggling two jobs with a hot sauce side gig, multiple lawsuits, & more. You can't make this stuff up. The story behind iconic hot sauce brand Tapatio, who we coll... Read more

The Rise of Russ :: A Conversation with the Self-Made Rapper/Singer/Producer Powerhouse

Tom Winslade :: 05.03.2017
Forbes called him "hip-hop's newest 10 year overnight success" for a reason. Tom Winslade profiles one of the hardest working members of rap’s new school, who produces, engineers, mixes, masters an... Read more

Recap :: The Hundreds X Linkin Park Eat Meet at Plan Check Fairfax

Kazie Holiday :: 05.02.2017
Last night we threw an extra special Eat Meet for our friends Linkin Park in anticipation of their upcoming album One More Light. Read more

The Exceptional Journey of KC Ortiz, Through Graffiti, Prison, War Photography, & Art

Alec Banks :: 05.01.2017
KC Ortiz's life story sounds more fantastic than fiction—but it's all true. From Chicago's train yards to 5 years in federal prison, to a seasoned war photography career, KC's art today is a reflec... Read more