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Visions of Vegas :: Part 3

V/SUAL :: 02.28.2014
Here are some more portraits I shoot while on the floor of Agenda. Stunnaman in full effect. Ladies’ man Tal looking like he had a good night’s rest. Hi Melissa. Ron from Primitive. Anna from Sta... Read more


Peter :: 02.28.2014
Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair – Are you a closet supervillain? Maybe you just like to feel like one. In either case, West Elm has developed a new chair that will have you laugh maniacally at ... Read more

Show & Tell :: Miggy Garcia & his 10 Latest Purchases

Luis :: 02.28.2014
The word “cool guy” gets thrown around left and right these days and quite honestly I lost track of its current meaning. Is it a term of endearment or another way to call someone a Hypebeast? Eithe... Read more


VideoDaze :: 02.28.2014

SOULECTION :: I Know You Got Soul

Phoebe Lovatt :: 02.28.2014
LA, as you may have heard, is a driving city. I’d never owned a car before I moved here, but I now spend a good quarter of my life sitting behind the wheel (and I’m one of the lucky ones who works... Read more

Visions of Vegas :: Part 2

V/SUAL :: 02.27.2014
So the first day of The Agenda Show arrived and I went down to the floor to check things out. I knew I was going to see some friendly faces and thought I would bring my Leica out again, but this ti... Read more


Peter :: 02.27.2014
Nike SB x Jordan Brand – With the demise of Nike 6.0 and Nike SB is looking to inject some energy into the brand by partnering up with Jordan Brand. To no surprise the teaser picture for the collab... Read more


VideoDaze :: 02.27.2014

Converse CONS Launch :: Workshopping for the Weekend

Kazie Holiday :: 02.26.2014
Last week I stopped by Converse’s launch party for their CONS Project: Los Angeles–a series of completely interactive, creative DIY workshops for local youth over the age of 16, taught by some of o... Read more


Peter :: 02.26.2014
Posters Otomo Katsuhiro x Graphic Design – The title for this book is a bit confusing. Here’s one word that will clear things up: AKIRA. Katsuhiro Otomo has largely been attributed to creating the ... Read more

Visions of Vegas :: Part 1

V/SUAL :: 02.26.2014
As I mentioned in my last post of Ashlyn, I was out in Las Vegas last week for Agenda. I made the 3-4 hour drive with my buddy Trashhand to spend a few days in Sin City. It is always a good opportu... Read more


VideoDaze :: 02.26.2014
Heroes of the Year from Car fun on Vimeo. Read more

Kobe 9 Elite "Inspiration"

Jon Hundreds :: 02.26.2014
The Kobe 9 “Inspiration”. I think this is the best colorway of the 9s to be unveiled thus far. At first glance, I wasn’t into how high they are, but after seeing them in person, it actually goes re... Read more

Have Murci :: Ken Thai of 88 Rotor's LP640

Vito :: 02.26.2014
There’s something about a Lamborghini that makes you just stop and stare at it whether it is parked or rolling by on the streets. The bright color, the body lines, the wide wheel base, and the soun... Read more


Peter :: 02.25.2014
Atelier Roberu – Japan’s inexhaustible search for quality allows room for brands like Roberu: small little enterprises with artisans crafting from vintage stock. This leather accessories-maker has ... Read more

Test Shot :: Ashlyn Coray

V/SUAL :: 02.25.2014
Sorry for the lack of updates last week, everyone. It was Agenda Vegas and well… it was Vegas. To kick off some new content for this week, I felt it was only right to bring back a new test shot seg... Read more


VideoDaze :: 02.25.2014


Kazie Holiday :: 02.25.2014
Our friends Frank151 coming through here with EPISODE III of The FRANK Show. Frank hits some notable mentions hard with questions about how they keep healthy: Styles P, Kevin Lyons, ScHoolBoy Q, St... Read more

Dark Tranquillity :: Decoding The Gothenburg Sound

Cullen Poythress :: 02.25.2014
As far as I can tell, Gothenburg, Sweden did for melodic death metal what Seattle did for grunge. It’s probably a bold thesis for someone who’s never been to either city, but it’s certainly fair t... Read more

The All Gone Book Launch at Undefeated La Brea

Kazie Holiday :: 02.25.2014
Last week we hit up the West Coast leg of the All Gone 2013 book tour at Undefeated on La Brea. The annual showcase was PACKED in celebration, with Hennessy supplying the drinks inside and The Melt... Read more