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Our 10 Favorite Headwear Releases of 2015

Kazie Holiday :: 12.31.2015
Here are some of our favorite headwear releases of 2015, hand-picked by The Hundreds; headwear and accessories designer David Rivera. Read more


Alexander Spit :: 12.31.2015
In this introspective photo essay, Alexander Spit looks back on 2015 and reflects on loss, struggle, and the benefits of wearing your heart on your sleeve, alongside his film photography from the y... Read more

My Favorite Pieces of Culture Created by Women in 2015

Yasi Salek :: 12.31.2015
Yasi rounds up a few of her favorite cultural contributions that women gave the world in 2015. Read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 12.31.2015
You like lists. We like lists. There’s even an app now for you to make lists! SO, we’ve rounded up all of this year’s 2015 lists into one nice, neat, compiled list to satisfy all of your list cravi... Read more


VideoDaze :: 12.31.2015 Read more

2015 :: My Year in Live Music Photos

akam1k3 :: 12.31.2015
Oslo fam akam1k3 takes us through his year in live music photography. Read more

Unfortunately Unoriginal :: Star Wars Episode VII :: An Old Hope

Zach Norris :: 12.30.2015
"What’s the one thing [The Force Awakens] didn’t do though? Give us a completely original tale from the Star Wars universe." Zach Norris reviews and discusses plot points the latest Star Wars movie... Read more

Who is Alexander Spit?

Kazie Holiday :: 12.30.2015
Who is Alexander Spit? The Hundreds takes a peek into the daily life, the trials, and inspirations of rapper, writer, producer, and artist, Alexander Spit. Read more

10 World Events That Shook 2015

Peter Yeh :: 12.30.2015
In this end of year must-read, Peter Yeh walks us through the highs and lows of 2015—in politics, world news, science, and more. Read more

12.30.15 :: AAPE, ALIFE, FUJI

Peter :: 12.30.2015
AAPE x SpongeBob Capsule Collection – A Bathing Ape (BAPE) off-shoot, AAPE, takes a fun and casual approach to streetwear by teaming up with Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob Squarepants. Projects between th... Read more

Top 10 Movies of 2015

Jensen Karp :: 12.29.2015
Jensen Karp rounds up the best films of 2015. See if you agree with his picks. Read more


VideoDaze :: 12.29.2015 https: Read more

Bobby Hundreds' Hypebeast Op-Ed on the State of Streetwear in 2015

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.28.2015
This morning, Hypebeast published an intense op-ed by Bobby Hundreds on the faltering state of Streetwear. Read more

"THE PLAYLIST" VOL.11 :: 10 Songs You Need to Listen to Right Now

Tom Winslade :: 12.28.2015
Our London correspondent & tastemaker Tom Winslade is back with a playlist of must-listen songs to round out the last week of the year, with new tracks by Future and The Weeknd, Remy Banks, A$a... Read more

Top 25 Albums of 2015

CJ Rucker :: 12.28.2015
Because 2015 was such an enlightening year for music, we decided to round up the top 25 albums of the year. Take a look at which album or $10 “mixtape” made the cut. Read more

12.28.15 :: Concepts, Crescent Down Works, Futura

Peter :: 12.28.2015
Crescent Down Works x {illustrated example – Crescent Down Works has been making cold-winter gear out of Seattle with great success, and they have recently teamed up with Vancouver’s {illustrated e... Read more

CITY CHRONICLES :: 16-Year-Old Toronto Creative Reed Hollett on "Youth Culture"

Chief Bosompra :: 12.27.2015
16-year-old Torontian Reed Hollett recently assisted art direction for the Puma x Bape Canadian release and has an upcoming collab with skateshop Adrift. We talked to him about where "youth culture... Read more

Rendezvous :: Marisa

Neave Bozorgi :: 12.25.2015
Neave Bozorgi shoots Marisa Papen for this week's edition of Rendezvous. Read more

From the Pitch to the Streets :: The 9 Best Streetwear Soccer Jerseys of 2015

Maarten Warning :: 12.24.2015
Maarten takes a look at 10 of the best soccer jerseys released by streetwear brands in 2015, including selections by Stussy, 10.Deep, Palace, and Hall of Fame. Read more


VideoDaze :: 12.24.2015 https: Read more