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Mark Ward//Artist

The Hundreds :: 07.27.2010
Words: Maurice Pendarvis Photos: Mark Ward What got you into doing art? I grew up drawing all the time. It’s what I found I got recognition for as a kid. I was copying cereal boxes, and coming up ... Read more

Jorge Peniche // Photographer

The Hundreds :: 07.20.2010
Words: Maurice Pendarvis Photos: Jorge Peniche What got you interested in photography? My interest in photography…well in all honestly, was nothing I planned on doing. It was not something I p... Read more

Rob Myers // Designer

The Hundreds :: 07.01.2010
Words: John Hall Photos: Switch When did you start SLVDR? About two years ago. And does the name mean anything in particular? Well, in Spanish, Salvador means “salvation.” So for me pe... Read more