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The Hundreds X Heavy Metal Lookbook

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.27.2019
In April 1977, HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE set the standard for science fiction, fantasy, and horror from around the world, launching the international careers of artists such as Moebius (The Fifth Elemen... Read more

COMPLEX :: How Fairfax Became the Mecca of Streetwear

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.27.2019
Complex just released a comprehensive look at how the Fairfax neighborhood of Los Angeles became the streetwear capital of the world, a guiding force in modern fashion culture. Writer Karizza Sanch... Read more

Heavy Metal :: The Misogynistic Masterpiece That Won Over My Feminist Heart

Rachel Rufrano :: 02.26.2019
The movie Heavy Metal is like a psychedelic dive into the perverted mind of a twelve-year-old boy. It’s mostly boobs, rock and roll, boobs, zombies, violence, and boobs. So why on earth do I love i... Read more

INTERVIEW :: $teven Cannon is Lowkey Going Harder Than Your Favorite Rapper

Duke London :: 02.20.2019
It was a chillier day than normal at Hundreds HQ, and I felt a little bad about subjecting $teven Cannon to the elements while we did a photo shoot behind our warehouse — especially when we didn’t ... Read more

Disgraceland's Jake Brennan Gives the Dirty Details on Celebrity Conspiracies, Cannibal Rappers, and More

Tony Rettman :: 02.19.2019
The list of hair-raising tales involving sex, drugs, and murder from the world of popular music is indeed a long one. From the harrowing assassination of John Lennon to the heroin overdose of punk ... Read more

DEEP IMPACT :: Exploring The Pop Culture Power of Heavy Metal

Duke London :: 02.14.2019
Listening to the soundtrack from 1981’s Heavy Metal: The Movie from my desk while drumming with two Bic pens just doesn’t do it justice. And that’s not to diminish my in-office rock credentials; I’... Read more

HOW I GOT HERE :: Josh Luber of StockX

Tara Aquino :: 02.11.2019
Josh Luber is the dream personified. Born and raised in Philly, the 41-year-old entrepreneur managed to turn a childhood passion into a multi-million dollar, global venture through tried and true m... Read more

Interview :: AKAM1K3 Loves The Hundreds And It's Mutual

Alex Wong :: 02.06.2019
As a Filipino kid born and raised in Norway, Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles has a unique backstory on how he became the co-creator of Also Known As, one of the most innovative and exciting creative ... Read more

Photo Recap :: (101) by Theo Martins on Community

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.01.2019
This past Thursday, we kicked off the launch of our new monthly event series (101), a commemorative event curated to highlight the concepts and people that help push culture forward. This month’s (... Read more