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3rd Ward Representative :: A Conversation with Houston Rap Luminary Fat Tony

Senay Kenfe :: 04.24.2017
A key figure in shaping Houston's music scene in the past decade, and a champion of DIY, we caught up with first-generation Nigerian-American rapper Fat Tony before his tour with Epitaph Records' T... Read more

The Hundreds Eyewear :: The "Natalie" and the "Tex"

Kazie Holiday :: 04.19.2017
Our two new eyewear silhouettes take inspiration from two iconic female pop culture figures of ‘60s rock-and-roll and the Golden Era of Hollywood. Read more

Make Noise :: An Interview with Ian Michna, the Man Behind Jenkem Magazine

Leland Ware :: 04.17.2017
An interview with Ian Michna on how his DIY project Jenkem became an exponentially growing media brand & leading voice of irreverence in skateboarding. Read more

Have Heart :: Illustrator Chris Wilson on Visual Storytelling, Comics, & Where Hardcore and Rap Intersect

Anthony Pappalardo :: 04.16.2017
The art of ‘80s New York Hardcore represents an intersection of urban culture, punk & hip-hop, satire, power, & sketchiness. It's a big influence on Louisiana-born, New York-based illustrat... Read more

All-Time Classics :: The Forever Collection, Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 04.14.2017
Featuring our "Bar," "Slant," and "Half Bomb," "Simple Adam," logos on T-shirts, crew-neck pullovers, hoodies, and coach's jackets. Read more

Locals Only :: Noon Goons Is a Celebration of SoCal Counterculture

Alina Nguyen :: 04.11.2017
It's pretty much impossible to explain what "SoCal culture" is to outsiders. End of story. This is why Kurt Narmore & Rick Klotz (FRESHJIVE)'s new brand Noon Goons feels refreshingly real. Read more

Bet on Yourself :: From Toronto to Miami, DJ OhSo Is Just Getting Started

Robby Seabrook III :: 04.10.2017
"My mantra has always been 'give love.' It doesn't matter what level that you're at." An interview with Jam Master Jay's Scratch Academy instructor DJ OhSo, who dropped everything to follow her dre... Read more

Bay Area Strong :: New POST "Slant Tail" T-shirts & Champion Hoodie

Kazie Holiday :: 04.10.2017
Our "POST Slant Tail" T-shirt and Champion hooded pullover capsule is now available exclusively at The Hundreds San Francisco in our favorite Bay Area team's colors. Read more

The Hundreds Champion Reverse Weave Fleece & Heritage Tee collection

Kazie Holiday :: 04.08.2017
The iconic American heritage brand from Rochester, New York first introduced their technological marvel, the Reverse Weave process, in 1934. Introducing the new The Hundreds Champion Reverse Weave ... Read more

All Our Heroes Die :: My Trip To See Don Rickles

Jensen Karp :: 04.07.2017
While mourning the passing of two legends in 2014 – Joan Rivers & Robin Williams – Jensen realized something troubling: He had never seen Don Rickles perform live. This is his essay about heroe... Read more

BACK STORY :: The Inspirations Behind a Few of Our Spring '17 Graphic Tees

Kazie Holiday :: 04.05.2017
Here at The Hundreds, we live for a good story, because underneath it all, we're a storytelling company. Here's a few inspirations behind our Spring 2017 graphics, from a Nokia start up screen to a... Read more

New Forever Wildfire Collection.

Kazie Holiday :: 04.04.2017
The spirit of the Wildfire flag is about how one person’s idea can spread with the help of a community. The all new Forever Wildfire collection is available now. Read more

Chef Ross's Journey from Skateboarding to Owning a Restaurant

Kat Thompson :: 04.03.2017
"If someone does a kickflip down a seven stair, it’s like me doing a version of ceviche or adobo." Meet skater-turned-chef, Ross Paniligian, who's taking the Orange County food scene by storm. Read more

Recap :: West Coast Legend Suga Free's #20YearsofPimpin Show

Kazie Holiday :: 04.03.2017
On Friday, one of the West Coast's most decorated storytellers, Suga Free, celebrated 20th anniversary of his iconic album Street Gospel live. Read more

A Brief History of The Hundreds' April Fools' Shenanigans

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.01.2017
From the time we got bought by LVMH to our 3 million dollar chain, we obviously take April Fools' very seriously. Read more