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ADAM BOMB :: Reimagined by Other Artists

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.30.2019
One of the most fascinating aspects of Adam Bomb’s history has been when other artists outside of The Hundreds have given their takes on the brand’s signature cartoon bomb character. Throughout The... Read more

WELL TRAVELED :: Tribal Has The Philippines On Smash

Mike Steyels :: 04.30.2019
Metro Manila is a chaotic place, consumed by layers of sounds and sights all madly competing for people’s limited attention in public spaces. The capital of the Philippines is covered in signage, b... Read more

ADAM BOMB :: Our Best Friend and Biggest Foe

Duke London :: 04.26.2019
The Hundreds has been around since 2003, when the brand’s fearless leaders Ben and Bobby thankfully decided they didn’t want to be LA’s next top lawyers and instead built the storied streetwear com... Read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 04.23.2019
This past Saturday, the warehouse at The Hundreds HQ was transformed into the city’s dopest 420 party, with friends new and old celebrating the high holiday Spitset-style. We had unforgettable perf... Read more

Striving for Sustainability in Streetwear

Lola Méndez :: 04.22.2019
Fast fashion has become the second largest pollutant in the world. Fortunately, conscious brands are emerging from the masses with collections that both meet consumer demands and make a minimal imp... Read more

PREMIERE :: Alex Wiley Releases Art Film to Pair with Tangerine Dream II Album

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.17.2019
Last month, we had Alex Wiley cruise through The Hundreds HQ to talk about his new album, Tangerine Dream II. The wavy, psychedelic hip-hop project uses expert-level song sequencing and str... Read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 04.15.2019
[UPDATE :: RSVP CLOSED] Dearest LA, Keep your 420 plans open, we’re throwing a Spitset at a secret location. RSVP now to make sure you’re on the list. We’ll send location before doors open at 8 PM... Read more

You Can Now Preorder Bobby Hundreds' First Book, This Is Not a T-Shirt

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.15.2019
  A note from Bobby Hundreds: At some point in the last few weeks, I celebrated a birthday. That’s okay if you didn’t know – in fact, I prefer it that way. I spent it by myself, in the water and on... Read more

AUX DUTY :: Darnell Williams

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.14.2019
  Darnell Williams stopped by HQ for a visit and we gave him control of the aux for a while. You can hear his AUX Duty playlist below, featuring a wide range of musical stylings, from Billy... Read more

Del The Funky Homosapien Reflects, Recovers, and Rebuilds

Emily Berkey :: 04.12.2019
On a clear afternoon in February, Scarub and I pulled up to an unassuming house in Richmond, California – a neighborhood 12 miles Northwest of downtown Oakland. Armed with a few cameras, rolls of f... Read more

Millie Go Lightly :: From Out of the Country to Changing Country Forever

Shirley Ju :: 04.11.2019
With Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” perched upon the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, America’s attention is fixed on hip-hop’s ability to cross over into country music. But it was less than two year... Read more

The Hundreds X Never Made

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.10.2019
On Thursday, April 11, The Hundreds will join forces with renowned graphic artist Francisco Reyes, Jr. to release The Hundreds X Never Made collection. After channeling his love of skateboarding a... Read more

RSVP :: The Hundreds X Never Made Release Party

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.08.2019
We’re dropping our highly anticipated collaboration with Never Made on Thursday — it’s to die for. To celebrate the unleashing of this incredible collection, we’re hosting a no-holds-barred throwd... Read more

Darnell Williams Is Directing His Own Life Story

Duke London :: 04.08.2019
This is not a story about a flash in the pan. This is not a story about an artist releasing one song that gets attached to a viral dance craze and goes platinum off Tik-Tok. This is not an accident... Read more

KIT-CAT KLOCK :: Hollywood's Favorite Kitty Co-Star

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.04.2019
Since 1932, when the Kit-Cat Klock was invented to create some joy at home during the height of the Great Depression, the iconic American-made timepiece has become a universally loved piece of deco... Read more

A Golden Opportunity to Say Goodbye :: The Benny Gold Interview

Leland Ware :: 04.03.2019
Benny Gold shocked fans around the world in January when he announced that he was closing his San Francisco store and discontinuing his brand. It had been a staple of streetwear since the early day... Read more

The Hundreds Takes Over Emo Nite LA

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.02.2019
“Emo” is such a strange, loaded word. And for every generation, it means something completely different. It’s kinda like how, a few years ago, people started calling a particular dance the “Harlem... Read more