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Super Producer TM88 Talks Blowing Up With His Brothers

Shirley Ju :: 08.28.2019
“808 Mafiaaa...” When you hear this sound, you know the vibes. The eponymous producer tag can be found at the beginning of some of Future, Lil Uzi, and Travis Scott’s biggest records and usually pr... Read more

BEHIND THE DESIGN :: The Hundreds Fall 2019 Collection

Sandy Mosqueda :: 08.28.2019
The closest we’ve ever been to world peace is when The Hundreds’ complete Fall 2019 Collection dropped on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, at 9:00 PM PST. Earflings across the globe looked at the full F... Read more

SOMEWHERE BELOW 14TH & EAST :: A Conversation With Photographer Karen O’Sullivan

Tony Rettman :: 08.24.2019
In the early 80s, native New Yorker Karen O’Sullivan made her way from her home uptown to the Lower East Side to photograph the burgeoning scenes of hardcore punk and hip-hop going on in that forsa... Read more

EVERYONE'S INVITED :: Family Style Food Festival Hits Fairfax on September 15th

The Hundreds Staff :: 08.13.2019
CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR FAMILY STYLE TICKETS We’re bringing the best of the best in the LA food scene together with some of the hottest chefs and restaurants in the world to Fairfax for the... Read more

JAYDEN JAYMES :: The Jayden Jaymes Story: How Jayden Jaymes Became My Sworn Enemy

Duke London :: 08.13.2019
Jayden Jaymes is ruining my life, one Monday at a time. Mondays are already tough, all on their own, without the added stress of your mortal enemy tormenting you endlessly on the first day of ever... Read more

REACHING SHANGRI LA :: Things Are Going Just Breezy for Tate Tucker

Duke London :: 08.11.2019
The beginning of Tate Tucker’s Shangri LA EP made me close my eyes and breathe. It felt like I was in one of those sensory deprivation tanks on two tabs, being transported into another world. That ... Read more

RECAP :: The Drums Light Up Los Angeles

Justin Esposito :: 08.05.2019
The Hollywood Palladium has been hosting the best of the best in music since taking over Paramount Pictures’ original lot in 1940. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Palladium ... Read more

OHANA MEANS FAMILY :: Shordie Shordie on Why Family Always Comes First

Shirley Ju :: 08.05.2019
A lot of times, I fall in love with a song before knowing a single thing about the artist. Whether a friend recommends it through word of mouth or I’m Shazam-ing it at an event, I’ll know right awa... Read more

The Hundreds Fall 2019 Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 08.01.2019
On Thursday, August 1st, The Hundreds will release their Fall 2019 Collection across all channels, including The Hundreds App, Online Shop, UK Online Shop, The Hundreds Los Angeles, and other selec... Read more