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Friend Zones Still Exist in Dystopia :: What Hunger Games Mockingjay Part II Taught Me

Peter Yeh :: 11.30.2015
So my girlfriend read like half the back cover of one of these Hunger Games books while waiting in line at Target, and suddenly we have to watch all the movies. Being a dork, I was aware of Kohshun... Read more

“THE PLAYLIST” VOL. 10 :: "Pass The AUX" Edition

Tom Winslade :: 11.30.2015
To celebrate the 10th edition of The Playlist, Tom Winslade passes the aux to 5 friends & UK creatives Geo, Max Furr, Jordan Green, Dellux, and Vicky Grout for the tracks that are making them c... Read more

11.30.15 :: Hypebeast, Supreme, 10.Deep

Peter :: 11.30.2015
COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT x Supreme x Timberland – The project with Timberland seems to be an annual tradition for Supreme now, but for Holiday 2015 they also welcome COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT. This th... Read more

"Are sneakers more like stocks or drugs?” :: What We Learned from Josh Luber's TED Talk

Alec Banks :: 11.29.2015
"Nike's customers make almost twice as much profit as their closest competitor" and other shocking statistics we learned from Campless sneaker data analyst Josh Luber's Ted Talk on the sneaker resa... Read more

11.25.15 :: Acapulco Gold, HUF, ALIFE

Peter :: 11.27.2015
Acapulco Gold x Mark McNairy – With Acapulco Gold firmly based in New York, the brand is familiar with the talents of Mark McNairy. The relationship goes back seventeen years and the two brands com... Read more

Moose Limited Gold Friday Limited Edition T-Shirt :: Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 11.27.2015
The Hundreds is proud to announce the release of a limited T-shirt with California's largest independent streetwear retailer, Moose Limited. Available exclusively at Read more

Top 5 Conscious Hip-Hop Artists From the Golden Era

Melloe Won :: 11.27.2015
Melloe Won of White Label Radio rounds up the top 5 best socially conscious hip-hop groups from the Golden Era, with The Coup, Poor Righteous Teachers, and more. Read more

The Kids Win :: Raury Performs at Red Bull Sound Select's 30 Days in LA

CJ Rucker :: 11.27.2015
"Before he took the stage, Raury snuck a group of five teenagers (my 19-year-old self included) past your typical musclehead bouncers, through the side door of the swanky LA nightclub." Read more

How Streaming Service Feuds Affect the Music Industry, Artists & Fans

CJ Rucker :: 11.26.2015
CJ takes us through the history of conflicts that have arisen with the popularity of streaming services, namely, the ongoing battle between Apple Music and Spotify. Read more


VideoDaze :: 11.26.2015
<p><br /><br /> Read more


VideoDaze :: 11.26.2015 Read more

Straight Up :: Ty Dolla $ign Delivers on his debut album Free TC

CJ Rucker :: 11.25.2015
Many people label Ty Dolla $ign as the typical hip-hop artist whose subject matter doesn’t travel outside the spectrum of drugs and over-objectifying women. Still, his sultry chirps slide into your... Read more

A Rallying Call :: Kendrick Lamar's Kunta's Groove Sessions in Los Angeles

Senay Kenfe :: 11.25.2015
"Ten minutes into watching this sold out multicultural young audience at the Wiltern chant the words 'We Gon Be Alright' and I'm beginning to truly appreciate the legacy of the artist that brought ... Read more

11.25.15 :: Star Wars, Danner, OVO

Peter :: 11.25.2015
LRG x Star Wars – With The Force Awakens only a few weeks away, you best believe that Disney’s licensing tee is working overtime. The most successful film franchise of all time has found a partner ... Read more

Paper Skaters :: Small Town Skate Influence Meets Globetrotting Art Aspirations

Rainey Cruz :: 11.25.2015
Rainey Cruz talks to the mystery artist/skater behind Paper Skaters about his unique approach to wheatpasting, which involves fusing the art form with actual skate photography for an entirely new m... Read more

Recap :: Wiki, Sporting Life, DonMonique, Alexander Spit live at SPITSET NYC

Kazie Holiday :: 11.24.2015
Last Thursday marked our first-ever Spitset in NYC, featuring Wiki and Sporting Life of Ratking, DonMonique, Alexander Spit, and DJ CCNY. Check out the recap video and photos here. Read more

The Hundreds Winter 2015 :: New "Rose" Strap-Back Cap Colorways

Kazie Holiday :: 11.24.2015
The Hundreds is proud to reveal two new colorways for our "Rose" strap-back cap—forest green and khaki—available now for the first time at all flagship locations, authorized stockists, and in the O... Read more

Behind the Scenes :: Kinsey's Mural at POW! WOW! JAPAN 2015

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.24.2015
Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at artist Dave Kinsey's process while painting a mural for POW! WOW! JAPAN 2015. Read more

MR. LA HAS ARRIVED :: A Conversation with RJ

Senay Kenfe :: 11.24.2015
"When I die, you’re going to know RJ was a genuine motherfucker." Senay Kenfe chops it up with LA rapper RJ on why so many people are "tardy" to what's going on in the New West, and why he's not do... Read more

88 MPH

VideoDaze :: 11.24.2015 Read more