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How Mark Gainor and No.One Are Disrupting the Footwear Industry

Alina Nguyen :: 07.30.2018
No.One is handcrafting sneakers the way cobblers have for hundreds of years, one at a time, in a grueling, slow process. Why? We pick apart founder/head designer Mark Gainor for the method behind t... Read more

Buy Your Fall Sneakers Now Before Trump’s Trade War Drives Up Their Prices

Justin Caffier :: 07.27.2018
98% of all shoes sold in America are manufactured overseas, with a whopping 71% from Chinese factories. So how will Trump's trade war affect the price of your sneakers? Read more

Thank you, Jonathan Gold.

Kat Thompson :: 07.23.2018
With humanity, empathy, and wit, he showed us how to be better citizens of LA and the world. Read more

On the Block :: A Conversation with Chef Vinny Dotolo

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.19.2018
"I think we really just sort of trust our gut, cook from instinct, cook from the place of our heart." An interview with one of our favorite LA chefs & an old friend, Vinny Dotolo of Animal, Son... Read more

The Real Story of the Osiris D3 and Its Designer Brian Reid

Anthony Pappalardo :: 07.10.2018
We're setting the record straight. Meet Brian Reid, the real designer of the Osiris D3 and the godfather of puffy skate shoes everywhere. Read more

Eunpyon’s Anime Paintings Bring Manila To Life

Mike Steyels :: 07.06.2018
We interview Eunpyon, an artist whose baroque, fluorescent-colored anime characters embody her fashion-centric ode to Manila. Read more

ENTER THE VOID: Gaspar Noe and the End of Desire

Devin O’Neill :: 07.05.2018
"You don’t watch Gaspar Noe movies, you SUBJECT YOURSELF to Gaspar Noe movies." Devin O'Neill digs in to 2009's Enter the Void, one of the inspirations behind The Hundreds Summer 2018 graphics. Read more

On the Block :: Q&A with the Guys Behind Fairfax Mainstays The Golden State, Prime Pizza, and Cofax

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.03.2018
"We aren't just here to sell burgers, coffee, and pizza. We are here to enliven a neighbor to do what’s right for the community and to represent the culture [of Fairfax]." We chop it up with two na... Read more

Here's Where to Cop The Hundreds X Playboy

Kazie Holiday :: 07.02.2018
Since we're all sold out, here's where you can find a local retailer near you that might still have The Hundreds X Playboy. Support local! Read more