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Our Favorite Amoeba Music 'What's In My Bag?' Episodes, from Earl Sweatshirt to Grimes

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.30.2018
Our favorite episodes of Amoeba Music's award-winning web series "What's In My Bag?" from DJ Quik to Earl Sweatshirt to Ariel Pink. Read more

The Inimitable Legacy of 'Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star,' 20 Years Later

Torii MacAdams :: 05.25.2018
"Black Star was more than a group––it was an idea that was fully realized in a bygone, impossible-to-recreate moment." Remembering Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star, 20 years later. If a ... Read more

A Brief History of Rawkus Records :: Bobby Hundreds Chats with Label Co-Founder Jarret Myer

Kazie Holiday :: 05.24.2018
Bobby Hundreds and Rawkus Records co-founder Jarret Myer discuss the history of the iconic independent hip-hop imprint that housed groundbreaking acts like Company Flow, Big L, Pharoahe Monch, Blac... Read more

The Hundreds X Rawkus Records Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 05.23.2018
The Hundreds X Rawkus Records Lookbook. The collection is available now. Read more

A Conversation with Talib Kweli and Rawkus Records Co-Founder Jarret Myer

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.23.2018
Kweli and Myer discuss the importance of Black Star making songs that celebrate women of color, lyricism, and the possibility of a Black Star reunion album with production from Madlib. Read more

Counting Down Our 10 Favorite Rawkus Records Albums

Alex Wong :: 05.23.2018
Alex Wong rounds up his favorite 10 albums from Rawkus Records, the underground label that emerged during the golden era of hip-hop and introduced artists like Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, and Company ... Read more

Bring the Rawkus :: My Top 10 Songs from the Golden Era Label of Underground Hip-Hop

Jensen Karp :: 05.21.2018
Jensen Karp's top 10 releases from the unforgettable collective that is Rawkus Records. Get out your baggy jeans and Newsies paperboy hat, and practice your tag, because it’s time go completely sub... Read more

Fake It 'Til You Make It :: Why Counterfeit Reselling Isn't Going Anywhere

Justin Davis :: 05.18.2018
“It’s okay, the girls don’t notice.” This is a quote that has resonated in my head for almost a decade, especially when I think about streetwear. Read more

Finally, the Music Video Platform Matters Again

Jameel Raeburn :: 05.18.2018
Jameel Raeburn breaks down how 2018's music acts are restoring the feeling of music videos as full-fledged events and breathing life back into the medium. Read more

Get to Know the Beyond the Streets Artists We've Featured, Interviewed, & Collaborated With

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.13.2018
From the legendary Kenny Scharf to Slick and The Seventh Letter, we've rounded up all the interviews and collaborations we've done with artists that are at Beyond the Streets, the groundbreaking Lo... Read more

Grimy Singularity :: Dirtyrobot Illustrates a Streetwear-Influenced Cyberpunk Dystopia

Mike Steyels :: 05.11.2018
A former streetwear brand head turned full-time illustrator is creating a rich visual world of supercool cyborgs dripping with gear. Read more

Here's Where to Cop The Hundreds X Garfield

Kazie Holiday :: 05.08.2018
Here's a list of local retailers near you that might still carry The Hundreds X Garfield collab in-store and online. Stay supporting local for the culture ✊. Read more

The Hundreds Summer 2018 Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 05.08.2018
The lookbook video for The Hundreds Summer 2018, inspired by hot, hazy West Coast summers—a season spent on the stoop, lounging at pools from the suburbs to SoCal city streets. Read more

The True Meaning of Garfield

Alex Wong :: 05.07.2018
"To me: Garfield is the face of the franchise, but Jon is the heart and soul of what the comic strip is really about." Read more

The Hundreds X Garfield Lookbook and Stockist List

Kazie Holiday :: 05.02.2018
Presenting our The Hundreds X Garfield lookbook, starring The Hundreds staff in place of Jon Arbuckle. Read more

Q&A :: Dreamer & Musician Mannywellz at the DACA Rally in D.C.

Emily Berkey :: 05.01.2018
As an outspoken advocate for Dreamer’s rights, Nigerian-born artist Mannywellz uses his art as a way to voice his reality. Read more

GARFIELD AND THE ABYSS :: The Scariest Garfield Comic Strip Series Ever from 1989

Devin O’Neill :: 05.01.2018
One day my quiet little world was disrupted by an unearthly voice, and a crack opened up into the great and yawning beyond—and it was all Garfield’s fault. Read more