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TOP 5: The Best Anime Collabs in Streetwear History (So Far)

Sandy Mosqueda :: 09.30.2019
The lines between anime and streetwear have always been blurred. The two worlds share similar principles, fulfill a deep desire for nostalgia, and promote amazing graphics. But it has surprisingly ... Read more

HOMIE FOR LIFE :: Homeboy Industries is Using Compassion and Career Training to Change Lives

Duke London :: 09.27.2019
At The Hundreds, we do a lot of collaborations every year. Many of these projects represent our favorite aspects of Los Angeles culture, past and present. But one of our recent partners on a collab... Read more

The Hundreds X Hard Rock

The Hundreds Staff :: 09.25.2019
On Thursday, September 26th, The Hundreds will team up with Hard Rock Cafe, one of the most iconic pieces of Americana across the globe. The legendary restaurant and live music venue has been enter... Read more

Jazerai Allen-Lord and Four Other Trailblazing Women Launch "It's A Man's World" Reebok Collab

Maria Mora :: 09.24.2019
The power of manifestation is not one to be underestimated. Jazerai Allen-Lord embodies what it means to walk—and talk—with intention. The former Kicks On Fire writer, now the moment engineer at Cr... Read more

HARD :: The Story Behind the World's Most Popular Shirt

Duke London :: 09.23.2019
Even if you don’t know Alan Aldridge’s name, you most certainly know his work. The legendary illustrator and graphic designer became one of the most in-demand artists in the world throughout the si... Read more

The Hundreds X IT Chapter 2

The Hundreds Staff :: 09.20.2019
Hiya, kids. Don’t be afraid, there’s plenty of cotton candy, T-Shirts, Pullover Hoodies, and popcorn for all of you down here. Pop pop pop! The Hundreds X IT Chapter 2 is available now in The Hundr... Read more

NEXT IN LINE :: We Spoke to the Four Up-and-Coming Chefs Competing for $10,000 at Family Style

Duke London :: 09.13.2019
This Sunday at Family Style Festival, our partners at Courvoisier are helping us launch Next In Line, an all new kind of cooking competition that shines the spotlight on the future stars of the LA ... Read more

Are Batman and Gotham's Greatest Villains All That Different?

Alex Wong :: 09.05.2019
In a world increasingly filled with superheroes—in comic books, on movie screens—the stakes continue to be raised. Superhuman powers define our heroes and many of the villains come from outer space... Read more

The Hundreds | Batman Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 09.05.2019
  On Thursday, September 5th, The Hundreds will celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman with an extremely limited edition capsule collection. Batman is arguably the most iconic superhero of them a... Read more

FAMILY STYLE FEST :: Ben Hundreds Talks Tacos and More with Alvin Cailan

Ben Hundreds :: 09.04.2019
So, you’ve probably heard The Hundreds is throwing a food festival in a couple of weeks. Family Style is the evolution of The Hundreds longtime love affair with the food game. While we’ve built one... Read more

CORE OF CORRUPTION :: Why Frank Miller’s Year One is Quintessential Batman

Nic Juarez :: 09.03.2019
You’ve heard the story before, but I’ll tell it to you anyway. It happened on a doomed night in a mythic city. A boy and his famous parents watch The Mask of Zorro but he gets frightened and they ... Read more