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Behind the Boards :: How Engineer K Lee Is Mastering the Music Industry’s Finest

Kat Thompson :: 01.31.2017
From a chance encounter with Gucci Mane that kickstarted her career, to becoming Lil Uzi Vert's personal sound engineer, here's a glimpse into the life of rising audio engineer, K Lee. Read more

Don't Fear the Bakers :: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Will Scare the Piss Out of You

Justin Davis :: 01.31.2017
Resident Evil 7: biohazard is one of the most risk-taking and scary entries in the series. And it works. Find out why. Read more

This New Book Tells a Visual Narrative of '90s NYC Nightlife

Brandon Diaz :: 01.30.2017
"New York’s clubs celebrated our differences, heralded our creativity, and rewarded our love of life." Utilizing printed flyers, this new book tells a visual narrative of NYC nightlife. Read more

Strange Days :: 2017's Streetwear Forecast

Patrick Bierut :: 01.30.2017
It is not so easy to feel like Pablo any more. Read more

The Anatomy of Protest :: How Run the Jewels Taught Me About Expression

Miguel Garcia :: 01.28.2017
Run the Jewels performed live this past weekend in Killer Mike’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. It felt like a rallying cry. Read more

Detroit's Son :: A Conversation with Producer Black Noi$e

Torii MacAdams :: 01.27.2017
"That’s what I’m into: I like raw beats, I don’t like all the flash. I like getting straight to the point." We caught up with Detroit producer Black Noi$e after he wrapped up a tour with Antwon and... Read more

Kill Switch :: Is Nintendo's New System Going to Suck?

Zach Norris :: 01.26.2017
The gimmicky controllers will be cool for 10 minutes and then everyone is going to realize they don’t game this way for a reason. Read more

Fluorescent Nightlife :: Vizie's New Prints Explore a Noir City in Full Color

Mike Steyels :: 01.26.2017
The former graffiti star has made the jump to illustration and printmaking, and he’s done it smoothly. Read more

Close, But No Oscar :: 5 Times The Academy Got It Wrong

Erik Abriss :: 01.25.2017
Five times the Academy got it wrong, and which movies SHOULD have won the Best Picture Oscar. Read more

In Defense of Takeoff

Josh Peas :: 01.25.2017
Quavo is having a breakout year and Offset got the Migos their first number 1 record, but let’s not forget it took a group effort to get them here. Read more

Industry Heads Share Thoughts on Supreme x Louis Vuitton with Highsnobiety

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.24.2017
"It’s the best thing Supreme and LV have ever done, and it’s the worst thing they could’ve done for their legacies – it’s everything and nothing." Bobby Hundreds and more industry peeps share thoug... Read more

Hope in the Heart of Liberty City :: Celebrating MLK Day the Miami Way

Shayna Batya :: 01.24.2017
30 inch rims and candy painted American classics are a typical sight on MLK Day in Miami. Read more

Neal Brennan Breaks Silence on 3 Mics, Mental Health, & the Future of Comedy

Erik Abriss :: 01.24.2017
"If you think it’s going to be a regular stand-up show, you’re in for a potential rude awakening." Chappelle's Show co-creator, comedian Neal Brennan on his stand-up special 3 Mics, mental health, ... Read more

On the Ground :: A Street Photographer's Take on Inauguration Day 2017

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.23.2017
23-year-old photographer Luis Ernesto Santana captures the duality of emotions present in Washington D.C. this past weekend, from journalists swarming around a trash fire, to the red, white, and bl... Read more

Spitset Berlin Recap :: Reese LaFlare, Alexander Spit Bring the Party Overseas

Alexander Spit :: 01.23.2017
SPITSET Berlin was an all night rager. We got to showcase our friends to a crowd of about 500 party kids that weren’t tripping off the 15 degree weather outside, featuring Reese LAFLARE, MLB, &... Read more

#TheHundredsPanorama :: 01.21.17

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.21.2017
#TheHundredsPanorama is a snapshot of our global community, with photos curated by Raoul Laisina (@XAOUX) and The Hundreds Staff. Tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured. Read more

5 Songs that Outline Hip-Hop's Persistent Presence in Politics

Senay Kenfe :: 01.20.2017
Hip-hop has never had a problem with articulating & impacting social injustice in this country. To remind ourselves of just how much rap will forever have a stake in politics, here's 5 tracks b... Read more


Tara Mahadevan :: 01.19.2017
10 Track Commandments is back with a playlist exclusively for the ladies, curated by Tara Mahadevan. Read more

8 Reasons to Get Pumped for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Chona Kasinger :: 01.19.2017
In case you weren't already sold—here's why you NEED to buy "The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. " Read more

The Hundreds Red Letter™ Spring 2017 Collection

Kazie Holiday :: 01.19.2017
“Concept to hanger, The Hundreds Red Letter™ is who I am, looking back, moving forward.” -Bobby Hundreds. Introducing The Hundreds Red Letter™ Spring 2017 collection. Read more