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Bon Appétit :: My Favorite Bites of 2016

Kat Thompson :: 12.30.2016
"It was extremely tender, melt-in-your-mouth, the fat to meat ratio just right." Our editorial assistant and avid food lover rounds up her favorite tastes of 2016—bite into this one. Read more

Best Tech Gadgets of 2016

Peter Yeh :: 12.30.2016
Streetwear and tech fanatic Peter Yeh counts down his favorite gadgets of 2016 with biting social commentary like, "My body gets all hot at Best Buy when someone is asking about a MacBook." Read more

The 10 Best Indie Rap Projects of 2016

Tara Mahadevan :: 12.29.2016
Tara Mahadevan does us all a solid with her list of 10 best indie rap albums of the year, including releases from Joey Purp, Jay Prince, Cousin Stizz, and more. Read more

The Best #TheHundredsPanorama Photos of 2016

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.29.2016
Our favorite submissions of the year. #TheHundredsPanorama is a snapshot of our global community, curated by Raoul Laisina (@xaoux) and The Hundreds Staff. Tag us on Instagram for a chance to be fe... Read more

IHEARTCOMIX's LA GIVES BACK Benefit Show Showed Our Youth's Potential

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.28.2016
In a remarkable sense of rare solidarity, the nightlife of Los Angeles united on December 21st to participate in the spirit of giving and threw a huge benefit show. Read more

Our Favorite Streetwear Collaborations of 2016

Peter Yeh :: 12.28.2016
"If graphic T-shirts are the heart of streetwear, then collaborations have to be the brain." Peter Yeh rounds up his favorite collabs of 2016. Read more

Drift Away :: Best Instrumental Tracks of 2016

Anna Dorn :: 12.27.2016
"[Instrumental music] is a special opportunity for self-reflection." Anna rounds up her favorite wordless tracks of 2016 to drift away to, from Fatima Al Qadiri to Aphex Twin. Read more

Top 10 Movies of 2016

Jensen Karp :: 12.27.2016
"It is everything movies should be: funny, disturbing, depressing, and filled with karma." Jensen Karp counts down his top 10 favorite movies of the year. Read more

Chinese Food and a Movie :: A Jewish Christmas Story

Jensen Karp :: 12.25.2016
"Little did I know that by just asking Jews what they do on December 25th, I would open my own eyes to something totally fucking insane. Like when we realized Jay Z and Beyoncé were in the Illumina... Read more

Track-A-Demia :: Our Favorite Songs About Christmas from Run–D.M.C. to No Doubt

Rainey Cruz :: 12.24.2016
“It was December 24th on Hollis Ave/ in the dark / When I see a man chilling with his dog in the park / I approached very slowly with my heart full of fear / Looked at his dog, oh my god, an ill re... Read more

Illustrator/Tattoo Artist YeahDope Finds Inspiration in Everything

Zio :: 12.23.2016
"I've gotten inspiration from art galleries to the shapes of stains on a bathroom floor." A quick chat with self-taught tattoo artist YeahDope, straight out of Adelaide, Australia. Read more

All Gas, No Breaks :: Catching Up with Palm Beach Rapper wifisfuneral

Anna Dorn :: 12.23.2016
A night in the life of Palm Beach rapper wifisfuneral & his crew as they rolled through LA during their recent tour. Read more

Listen to Timbaland Co-signed R&B Artist Brandon Tory's 'Yaga Season'

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.22.2016
"I want my listeners to pregame to it, party to it, but also catch the subtle messages I always have in my music about character, loyalty, and life in general." Brandon Tory's 'Yaga Season' is a wi... Read more

Audio Therapy :: The 10 Best Albums of 2016 for Self-Care

Tara Mahadevan :: 12.22.2016
"Listening to one of your favorite rappers so fiercely and authentically bare his truths is restorative." From Isaiah Rashad's The Sun's Tirade to Jamila Woods's Heavn, 2016 was a year of music as ... Read more

The Best Indie Skate Videos of 2016

Anthony Pappalardo :: 12.22.2016
Anthony Pappalardo calls out the best independent skate video projects of 2016, from Colin Read's "transcendent" Spirit Quest to "UCB-cum-Andy Kaufman clique of skateboarding" Fancy Lad's Is This S... Read more

Sofie's 'SOS Tape' Is a Must-Listen Underground Hip-Hop & Soul Compilation

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.21.2016
Using her same sense of taste that made Boiler Room LA a great success, our friend Sofie Fatouretchi has dropped a heavy hitting compilation via Stones Throw Records with the SOS Tape. Read more

A Conversation with Iconic Skateboard Artist & Designer Ron Cameron

Anthony Pappalardo :: 12.21.2016
An interview with skateboarder, artist, and designer Ron Cameron, who played a big part in defining the look and feel of skateboard graphics and ads in the '90s from Blockhead to Acme. Read more

Looking Back, Moving Forward :: The Best Design Trends of 2016

Tyler Watamanuk :: 12.21.2016
From off-kilter web design to heavy metal T-shirt graphics, Tyler W. rounds up this year's biggest trends in the design sphere. Read more

Lowkey Bangers :: Here Are the Most Underrated Albums of 2016

Justin Davis :: 12.20.2016
It's a shame that these Rap and R&B albums didn't get more love in 2016. Read more

Firestarter :: EarDrummers' Ducko McFli on His Own Terms

Yoh Phillips :: 12.20.2016
"The first man who made fire didn’t know what he was doing, he made fire and was probably like, ‘What the fuck do I do with this?' He probably set everything on fire. But you can’t be scared of not... Read more