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The Hundreds X The Karate Kid Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 04.26.2018
The Hundreds links with The Karate Kid for a collection inspired by the iconic ‘80s film’s final competition, with a lookbook shot at an original film location in the Valley. Read more

Why The Karate Kid is THE Quintessential '80s American Film

Brandon Diaz :: 04.26.2018
"We are the rooters for the doers, and the doers of the unrealistic. That is America. And we love this movie because it reflects what we hope to be, even if it does so cartoonishly." Read more

How Movie Poster Artist Kyle Lambert Created Our The Hundreds X The Karate Kid Poster

Bobby Hundreds :: 04.26.2018
We wanted to memorialize The Hundreds X The Karate Kid with a piece that would outlive a T-shirt or hoodie. So, we hit up famed movie poster artist Kyle Lambert. Read more

40 Years Later, Garfield is Increasingly Relevant for Millennials & Content Creators

Kat Thompson :: 04.25.2018
What do Garfield, streetwear entrepreneurs, Nipsey Hussle, Millennials, and Generation Z all have in common? Kat Thompson explores Garfield's increasing relevancy in 2018. Read more

"First Learn Stand, Then Learn Fly" :: 10 Wise Mr. Miyagi Quotes to Live By

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.20.2018
Mr. Miyagi’s one of the greatest cinematic teachers in history—a wise old sage for wayward kids through four installments of The Karate Kid franchise. For him, martial arts was never about breaking... Read more

THE BLOCKCHAIN PRIMER :: How the New Technology Can Make or Break Our Future

Devin O’Neill :: 04.19.2018
Think what you want about Bitcoin—cryptocurrency is actually most important as a revolutionary symbol: It shows we can have trusting yet decentralized communities. And that's the thing that's gonna... Read more

My Bitcoin Horror Story

Old Man :: 04.19.2018
"My kid was born in 2012. That meant I was getting a much bigger tax return than I had ever seen in my life. To me that meant one thing: I was going to buy some fucking Bitcoin." Read more

Crazy But Proud :: The Story of Suicidal Tendencies Artist Ric Clayton

Tony Rettman :: 04.16.2018
Best known for his Suicidal Tendencies designs, artist and musician Ric Clayton's iconic body of work is a reflection of his colorful West Coast upbringing: a melting pot of Venice from early Dogto... Read more

The Story of D.B. Cooper & the Most Notorious Unsolved Airborne Heist

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.11.2018
The story of the only unsolved air terrorism case in commercial airline history; the man who was on the Most Wanted list for 45 years and became the FBI's most costly case. Read more

SPITSET Recap! Buddy, Villain Park, Mia Carucci, Alexander Spit

Kazie Holiday :: 04.09.2018
Our photo recap of last Friday's massively epic #SPITSET featuring Buddy, Villain Park, and DJ sets from Mia Carucci and Alexander Spit. Read more

Analyzing Japan’s Unique Take on Music Festival Fashion

Justin Caffier :: 04.09.2018
With Coachella around the corner, here's a primer on the wide variety of distinct looks you'll find at Japanese music festivals, from concertgoers in traditional yukatas to the haute outdoorsy stre... Read more

Fire Starters :: Our Fourth Wildfire Release Is Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 04.05.2018
“The spirit of the Wildfire flag is about how one person’s idea can spread with the help of a community... It’s a metaphor for coloring outside the lines and thinking outside the box." Presenting “... Read more

"We Causing an Industry Shakedown" :: Meet West LA Hip-Hop Trio Villain Park

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.04.2018
"We out here representing the realisms of music and supporting the original hidden culture the lost people haven’t found." Learn more about the West LA rap trio before they play our free SPITSET li... Read more

SPITSET this Friday :: Featuring Live Performances by Buddy & Villain Park, and a DJ Set by Mia Carucci

Kazie Holiday :: 04.02.2018
This newest installment of SPITSET will feature live performances by Compton's on-the-rise star, Buddy, as well as the West Los Angeles rap duo Villain Park. The night also will feature a DJ set by... Read more