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The Story Behind Fairfax's Beloved Pet Shop, Bark n' Bitches

Kat Thompson :: 12.27.2018
"Bark n' Bitches is the best example of chaotic good that I can find." Kat Thompson catches up with Shannon, the rule-breaking, community-leading owner of Fairfax's longstanding pet store—and the f... Read more

BEST OF 2018 :: Songs I’d Buy on Jamster if Ringtones Were Still a Thing

Duke London :: 12.26.2018
What makes a song slap? 'Tis the question A&Rs and artists alike have been trying to figure out for ages. What is the formula for a truly transcendent record? Here's a playlist jam-packed with ... Read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 12.21.2018
Without further ado, get ready for your browser to freeze tf out with this mega-playlist of the best music videos of 2018 curated by yours truly. Read more

The 10 Best Video Games of 2018

Justin Caffier :: 12.19.2018
Amidst all the chaos and growing pains, the increasingly hyper-lucrative video game industry managed to managed to pop out a few beauts this year. Here's Justin Caffier's top 10 games of the year. Read more

The 10 Best Movies of 2018

Tara Aquino :: 12.18.2018
Out of all the mini-masterpieces that came out in 2018, these ten are our standouts. Read more

How the Hell Did You Miss These Albums in 2018?

Duke London :: 12.17.2018
From Saba, to Rico Nasty, to Greedo, to Key!, here's a round up of the absolute best, most slept on albums of 2018. Read more

How These 5 Graphic Novelists Are Pushing the Boundaries of the Medium

Alex Wong :: 12.17.2018
More than ever in our present times, graphic novels are an enriching format that explores the possibilities of storytelling, from the personal to the political. We talked to 5 graphic novelists pus... Read more

The 9 Best Products Created to Cheer People Up During the Great Depression

Justin Caffier :: 12.11.2018
To celebrate our collaboration with Kit-Cat Klock, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite iconic products also invented during the Great Depression. Sometimes periods of hardship lead to pur... Read more

15 Creatives on the Best Book They Read in 2018

Zio :: 12.06.2018
Reading more reduces stress, makes you smarter, and widens your worldview—and that's not even the half of it. But don't take it from us—find out what folks like Kevin Lyons & Bobby Hundreds' fa... Read more