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Os Gêmeos :: The "Giants" Project Hits Vancouver

Chris Danforth :: 08.31.2014
Visitors to Granville Island in Vancouver will have noticed several overbearing figures, squinting peculiarly at shoppers and tourists. A massive new mural marks the Canadian debut for Brazilian st... Read more

Zun Lee's Book Addresses Stereotypes Of Black Fathers

Travis Jensen :: 08.31.2014
The other day, I attended a lecture at SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute), where photo friend, Zun Lee, was hosting a presentation about his forthcoming book, Father Figure, a collection of black-a... Read more

Future live in Oslo at Øyafestivalen

akam1k3 :: 08.30.2014
Some weeks ago, I got to shoot and follow an artist that I’ve listened to a lot in the past couple years. Future is who I’m talking about. He visited Norway during the Øyafestival, and Sony Norway ... Read more


Kazie Holiday :: 08.30.2014
Newport Beach’s “The Wedge” is notorious in Southern California for being one of the deadliest surf and body-boarding locations on a good day. When a hurricane is hitting (or El Niño is showing its... Read more

Capturing Moments :: A Conversation with Ciesay of PLACES+FACES

Tom Winslade :: 08.30.2014
Hey, Internet. One of the things I like about you the most (aside being able to express my complex emotions with GIFs and having the ability to religiously lurk girls that are out of my league on I... Read more


Peter :: 08.29.2014
Vargo Titanium Flask – Here’s something for those who take their boozing seriously. The Vargo titanium flask is perfect for those who like to save a few bucks when they get drunk. Besides using thi... Read more

Rendezvous :: Rachel

Neave Bozorgi :: 08.29.2014
The other day, my friend Sarah was in town photographing a girl at her place that she had booked off of Airbnb. She posted a photo from her shoot on her Instagram so I texted her saying that I am w... Read more

High Fashion Steals Street Rep, Graf Artists Fight Back

Alec Banks :: 08.29.2014
Graffiti artists in the MSK crew REVOK, REYES, and STEEL are suing Italian fashion label Roberto Cavalli over artwork that they are claiming was “mechanically” copied. Cavalli’s camp responded earl... Read more

Red Bull's Annual Carnival

Tom Kirkby :: 08.29.2014
If you only make it to one party every year, make it to Red Bull‘s Annual Notting Hill Carnival party. Except you probably can’t, because getting tickets or guestlist is like getting blood from a s... Read more

Shooting the Invisible Aftermath of Bosnia's Floods

Pete Pabon :: 08.29.2014
I met the photographer Wyatt Gallery one afternoon at Miss Lilly’s thru a mutual friend and we chatted about my interviews and his upcoming trip to Bosnia, and why he was going. Him and photographe... Read more

Ice Cream in SoHo :: Monica Alvarez

V/SUAL :: 08.29.2014
One of my favorite types of shoots to do when I am out of town is to just walk around the city – and in that moment take pics with a model. Don’t get me wrong, staying at a nice high rise hotel and... Read more

BLADES NY x NIKE SB New Collaborative Retail Space

Pete Pabon :: 08.28.2014
Nike SB opened its first collaborative retail space with NYC skate shop Blades this past weekend. The Broadway location had a considerable turnout, as there was a signing by the greats of the SB te... Read more


Peter :: 08.28.2014
Best Made Gfeller Document Case – Sure, a manila folder at your local CVS will work just as well. But, does is it do it with style like this document case from Best Made? The Gfeller document case ... Read more


Zio :: 08.28.2014
Dennis McNett doesn’t just exhibit his work in galleries – he parades it down the street in the shape of a winged wolf or a 26-foot-long Viking ship. But whether it’s marching down the street next ... Read more

Tyler Atkins' Madsteez Brougham

Rob :: 08.28.2014
Worlds collide! My friend Tyler Atkins, Australian-TV-star-turned-Hollywood-regular-star has been friends with Mark Paul Deren for over 10 years. So when Tyler wanted his vintage Brougham painted, ... Read more


Kazie Holiday :: 08.28.2014
Our inaugural EAT MEET event happened on Tuesday night with an incredible turnout. We couldn’t have been happier to break bread with our followers – some who came from locations as far as Indiana t... Read more


VideoDaze :: 08.28.2014

Tattooed Models Are People Too :: A Day with Monami

Mac :: 08.27.2014
In an awkward instance of life’s tomfoolery, I fell into a body-mod K-hole at a really young age. This is extra weird since nobody in my bloodline has tattoos, I grew up in a privileged community o... Read more


VideoDaze :: 08.27.2014
Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo. Read more


Peter :: 08.27.2014
 Fuji X30 – Sony served up quite a point-and-shoot with the RX100 Mark III, and Fuji is responding with an updated X30. Using the familiar retro-inspired aesthetic, the X30 keeps much of the same ... Read more