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4.30.15 :: Aether, Rapha, Nike, mita, ONLY NY

Peter :: 04.30.2015
Aether Motorcycle Collection – Aether is best known for their collection of outdoor gear, but this San Francisco-based company is really all about adventure. For 2015 ,Aether is kicking off a motor... Read more

YO! JUDE :: I'm Still in Love with Someone Who Cheated on Me

Jude Angelini :: 04.30.2015
Jude Angelini's back with his weekly advice column – this time with a reader whose baby momma cheated on him years ago with his friend who had herpes! The twist: He's confused & in love. Read more

Anonymous Artist Wanksy Clears the Streets by Painting Penises

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.30.2015
Harnessing the underlying obsession with phallic symbols in our society for good, graffiti artist Wanksy has been drawing massive penises centered around the many potholes in his native Manchester,... Read more


VideoDaze :: 04.30.2015 Read more

The Hundreds Summer 2015 :: Studio Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 04.30.2015
The Hundreds is proud to present a sneak peek at a few hand-selected ensembles from The Hundreds Summer 2015 collection. Read more

Artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic's Wise Words on Art, Longevity, & Social Media

Mikelle Street :: 04.30.2015
Artist, Designer, Contemporary Calligrapher, and Creative Director Aerosyn-Lex Meštrović imparts some wisdom on branding, the idea of an artist as laborer, social media's disregard for multiplicity... Read more

Photo Set :: The Hidden Tunnels Under San Francisco

Evan Thompson :: 04.30.2015
Flask Mob co-founder Evan Thompson takes a trip under the tunnels of San Francisco for a dark, atmospheric, and breathtaking photo set. Read more

Assemble the Task Force :: Lil B Claims He Just Got Robbed of $10,000

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.29.2015
Assemble the task force! Brandon McCartney, infamous on the Internet under his moniker Lil B the Based God, is known for the positivity that he espouses through his music. As well as his widely pop... Read more

4.28.15 :: MAKR, KITH, Supreme, TomTom

Peter :: 04.29.2015
MAKR Tab Eyewear – I like my cheapie sunglasses from the local gas station, but for those who have some premium frames, MAKR can keep them protected. The Tab Eyewear case from the luxury accessorie... Read more


Kazie Holiday :: 04.29.2015
Our staff interview series continues with The Hundreds' Managing Editor, Alina Nguyen, exploring Chinatown and pestering small Asian children with her never-ending bowl of ice cream. Read more

Smoked Out :: Emily Sears

V/SUAL :: 04.29.2015
So what do you get when you mix curvaceous blonde Emily Sears with a G-Pen and a classic BMW E30? Read more


VideoDaze :: 04.29.2015 https: Read more

The Second Coming of SLVSTR :: The Artist on Evolving His Style & First-Ever Solo Show

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.28.2015
While preparing for his upcoming show "In Search of a Wonderful Place," artist & co-founder of streetwear brand Rare Panther, Slvstr, tells us how he overcame creative blocks that prevented him... Read more

Notes for a Theory of Booty :: 10 Artists to Watch at Superchief's "Booty Worship" Show

Katie Rosenthal :: 04.28.2015
Katie Rosenthal rounds up 10 progressive artists exhibiting work at Superchief's group show "BOOTY WORSHIP," opening this Saturday in Los Angeles. Read more

4.28.15 :: Dipset, Diadora, Saint Laurent, OVO

Peter :: 04.28.2015
Saint Laurent SL/10H – The fashion house has now turned the corner and become sports enthusiasts with the release of the new SL/10H. While previous silhouettes played with sportswear, the new sprin... Read more

9 of the Most Famous LA Bar/Club Scenes in Film

Alec Banks :: 04.28.2015
Alec Banks rounds up 9 ultra-iconic Los Angeles-based bars and clubs that have made an appearance in timeless films – including the Three Clubs, which is the venue for The Hundreds' free #SPITSET s... Read more


VideoDaze :: 04.28.2015 Read more

An Interview with DANK, Norway's First All-Independent Skate Magazine

Manos Nomikos :: 04.28.2015
Manos interviews Eirik Traavik, editor-in-chief of DANK, Norway's first all-indepenedent skate magazine, whose layout, stories, and aesthetic takes cues from magazines like Inventory or Purple rath... Read more

Nas Just Announced a New Album Coming in 2015

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.27.2015
During a show in Orlando, Florida, hip-hop artist Nas announced that the last album left on his Def Jam deal is coming out this year. Read more

The Hundreds Presents "Hobbies with Asa Akira" Episode 4 :: Boxing

Kazie Holiday :: 04.27.2015
2013 AVN Performer of the Year Asa Akira continues her conquest to find the ultimate pastime – this time testing her limits in the boxing ring over in Koreatown at the Ktown Boxing Club. See if she... Read more