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All New Spring 2017 Graphic T-Shirts :: Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 03.29.2017
All new graphic T-shirts for Spring '17, inspired by car culture, our favorite ad campaigns, classic comedy film posters, and more. Read more

Born in It :: Meet Young Gully, East Oakland's Realest MC/Visionary

Torii MacAdams :: 03.29.2017
"[Writing] got me out of a lot of trouble... The paper was my best friend." A conversation with one of the Bay's most underrated MCs (and one of our personal favorites) Young Gully. Read more

Why Champion's Reverse Weave Process of the '40s Still Endures Today

Peter Yeh :: 03.28.2017
Quality in clothing has to start somewhere. For denim, it was with the sturdy metal rivets found in Levi’s, and for sportswear, it was Champion’s enduring Reverse Weave. Read more

Street Art and Graffiti in Malaysia :: Meet CloakWork

Mike Steyels :: 03.28.2017
The Malaysian artist speaks on art in his homeland and the impact of international collaboration. Read more

11 Indie Directors Poised to Be the Next Big Thing

Tara Aquino :: 03.27.2017
To see how the tide of film history will turn, cinephiles need only to turn to indie film. Here are 11 indie directors poised to be the next big thing, from Dee Rees to Macon Blair to J.D. Dillard. Read more

L.A. MC AmirSaysNothing Sticks It to the Man in His New Music Video

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.25.2017
The whole video is about disturbing the universe, destroying the mundane, and merely being. "I may not be the poster boy for that idea," Amir says, "[But] the employee of the month is working smart... Read more

Rest in Power :: Remembering YouTube Soul Food Star Auntie Fee

Seb Carayol :: 03.25.2017
On a bright day in December, Seb Carayol almost interviewed the late, great Auntie Fee for The Hundreds in South Central. Here's the story. Rest in Power, Auntie. Read more

Behind Venus X's Planet X Boutique & Her Futuristic Air Max 97 "DEF CON ONE"

Christopher Harris :: 03.24.2017
A profile of influential New York DJ Venus X, her boutique Planet X (where people like former Supreme brand director Angelo Baque stop by for the coolest clothes), and her new Nike Air Max design c... Read more

It's Ranking Time :: A Definitive Ranking of the Coolest Power Rangers

Chona Kasinger :: 03.24.2017
From Jason Lee Scott as the original Red Ranger to Jen Scott as the Pink Time Force Ranger, here’s our definitive ranking of the 10 coolest Power Rangers throughout the years... plus one decidedly ... Read more

Congressional Beef :: A Brief History of Rappers Beefing With Presidents

Jameel Raeburn :: 03.23.2017
From Kanye West to Lupe Fiasco to Snoop (who Fox News believe he should be killed by the secret service—what a time to be alive), here's a brief history of rappers vs. presidents. Read more

One of the Most Legendary Dodgers Moments Should Have Never Happened

Alec Banks :: 03.22.2017
"But this is Hollywood; we’re known for writing the endings however we see fit." We revisit Alec Banks's retelling of the legendary Dodgers story of Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series home run in hono... Read more

Warped Tour :: The Dark, Illustrated Life of Angelica Alzona

Mike Steyels :: 03.22.2017
"No matter how much of myself I manage to inject into my commercial work, the need to make personal work gnaws at me." As a staff illustrator for Gizmodo Media, the New York-based artist expertly t... Read more

Surprise! SXSW Is Not for the Culture

Senay Kenfe :: 03.22.2017
Most A&Rs and music journalists are using this fest as their opportunity to get outside of a chilly New York winter—not to look for the next "big thing." Those days are long gone. Read more

Higher Elevation :: The "Tone" Hooded Pullover Is Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 03.21.2017
This isn't just a regular hoodie. Find out why. Read more

Got It Covered :: Iconic All-Over Print Moments in Streetwear History

Justin Davis :: 03.20.2017
All-over Print has been an iconic look for Streetwear, but what were the best examples of this never-ending style? Read more

Recap :: Aaron Kai Hit Philadelphia for P's & Q's Q&A and Release Party

Kazie Holiday :: 03.20.2017
Aaron Kai and Aaron Lau hit Philadelphia in the middle of a snowstorm for cheesesteak, real down-home hospitality, a successful Q&A (which sold out in hours!), and release party. Read more

The Hundreds by Aaron Kai, Available Now.

Kazie Holiday :: 03.17.2017
The Hundreds by Aaron Kai is a collaboration long in the making, featuring direct embroidered art & iconography designed by the artist, appearing on an MA-1 bomber jacket, all-over print T-shir... Read more

In the Spotlight :: The Black Media Renaissance Is Upon Us

Josh Peas :: 03.16.2017
"Take control of the narrative and give the world a new portrayal of the American Black experience." With projects like "Get Out," and "Atlanta" breaking records—Black-centered media is back in the... Read more

10 Unique Ways Dutch Artist Piet Parra Introduced His Art to the Masses

Maarten Warning :: 03.16.2017
Maarten rounds up the 10 diverse ways skater-turned-artist Piet Parra has flexed his talent beyond the confines of a gallery, from skateboards to sneakers to album covers. Read more

Keep It Wavy :: Aaron Kai on Streetwear, Our Collab, & Trusting Your Vision

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.15.2017
"Don't work for people, work WITH people. Find quality people who truly believe in your vision. Trust your vision." We interviewed pop artist Aaron Kai in anticipation of our collaborative release ... Read more