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Track-By-Track :: AmirSaysNothing Breaks Down "Employee of the Month"

Anna Dorn :: 06.30.2016
"...I don't need your 'view of success,' I don't need this checklist you've tried to condition me to following. I'll get it for me and mines, my way." Behind AmirSaysNothing's partially-autobiograp... Read more

What a Time to Be a Brit.

Tom Winslade :: 06.30.2016
"It has to be an absolute necessity of ours to fight xenophobia and racism with everything we have." Our London correspondent Tom Winslade's Op-Ed rallying cry post-Brexit. Read more


VideoDaze :: 06.30.2016 Read more

6.29.16 :: Converse, Supreme, Saturdays

Peter :: 06.30.2016
Supreme Summer 2016 – A second string of graphic T-shirts will make its way onto Supreme New York and Supreme Los Angeles tomorrow. The popular New York skate brand is coming out with five brand ne... Read more

Ep. 2 :: Having Said That*, Our Facebook Live Show :: Agenda Panel Edition

Kazie Holiday :: 06.29.2016
Check out last night's very special episode of our show Having Said That* with Bobby Hundreds at, live from Agenda tradeshow with a panel of guests. Read more


The Hundreds :: 06.29.2016
The world premiere of “Wildfire,” a short film by Bobby Kim. Read more

FREE SPITSET in Oakland, July 3 :: Ezale, Warm Brew, Jay Worthy, & Wavy Baby

Kazie Holiday :: 06.28.2016
Get a head start on your 4th of July blackout with another edition of SPITSET—heading back to Oakland on July 3. Featuring performances from Ezale, Warm Brew, Jay Worthy, and Wavy Baby. Read more

Available Now :: The Hundreds Summer 2016 "Rose" Washed Dad Hat

Kazie Holiday :: 06.28.2016
The Hundreds is proud to present the "Rose" washed dad hat—available now at flagships, authorized stockists, and in the Online Shop. Read more


VideoDaze :: 06.28.2016 Read more

Slime Shit :: The Essential Young Thug Primer :: Part 2

Justin Davis :: 06.28.2016
Atlanta’s genre-bending and shape-shifting musical landscape has very few trailblazers that have made a mark like Young Thug. If you've been sleeping, we've done you a favor: here's 15 more essenti... Read more

6.27.16 :: Modernica, Aura, NikeLab

Peter :: 06.27.2016
Wood Wood x Champions – Wood Wood proves that you don’t need the letter “C” in your name to cleverly plan a collaboration with Champion. The Dutch brand enlists Champion to create a new “RomantiC” ... Read more

Grailed Has FAILED.

Peter Yeh :: 06.27.2016
Peter Yeh digs into how went from a "hip eBay" of like-minded users, to directly exploiting the hype that is killing streetwear culture. Read more

Melloe Won's Top 5 Songs Off Jay Z's Game-Changing 'Reasonable Doubt'

Vashti :: 06.26.2016
"The album for me personally was a dawn of a new age in hip-hop. Jay was able to bring the hardcore hip-hop head like myself into his world seamlessly. It was the perfect blend of commercial and gr... Read more

Things Come Better in Two :: Meet Electro-Pop Duo Milk & Bone

Johnny F. Kim :: 06.25.2016
"The kind of music we make is for that generation of listeners." Canadian duo Milk & Bone on their first American tour, the effects of streaming services, and more. Read more

Rendezvous :: Ana Kim

Neave Bozorgi :: 06.24.2016
Neave's been experimenting more with natural light—and he's got a new photo set with Ana Kim. Read more

6.24.16 :: Domio, Grizzly, Period Correct

Peter :: 06.24.2016
Etnies x Grizzly – Etnies and Grizzly both have a grounded history in skate that makes their union the perfect blend of function and utility. For summer 2016, the two brands come together to work o... Read more

Maori Tattoo Artist Spider Sinclair on Fine Lines & Far Travels

Zio :: 06.23.2016
"I'm looking forward to living day by day with minimal commitments, tattooing strangers in small towns and big cities, making friends, and becoming familiar with middle America." Read more

New & Available Now :: "Solid Bomb" Washed Dad Hat

Kazie Holiday :: 06.23.2016
Here's a closer look at our new Summer '16 washed "Solid Bomb" dad hats in Black, Royal Blue, Red, Yellow, Light Grey, Light Khaki, Olive, Pink (coming soon), and a bold shade of Purple. Read more

Carla Fernandez Shows Us the Depth of Indigenous Mexican Fashion

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.23.2016
"[People] aren't buying a piece of clothing. They're buying a story, they're buying a piece of culture... they're really buying a piece of our lives." Bobby Hundreds explored the Carla Fernandez ex... Read more

Ep. 1 :: Having Said That*, Our First Facebook Live Broadcast

Kazie Holiday :: 06.22.2016
Introducing Having Said That* with Bobby Hundreds, broadcasting on Facebook Live at today at 6pm PST, with special guests Benson Lee and Justin Chon. Read more