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LONDON CALLING :: The Hundreds Went on European Holiday and Stopped in the UK

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.30.2019
While Bobby and The Hundreds team was trekking across Europe for Book Tour slash Fashion Week activities, they made a quick pit stop to visit all of our friends in London. It got wild, bruv. We don... Read more

Bobby's Big Book Tour Hits GQ, NPR, and More

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.27.2019
Bobby’s debut book This Is Not a T-Shirt is available now, as I’m sure you’ve heard if you follow The Hundreds on any one of our channels. We appreciate each and every one of you that bought a copy... Read more

RECAP :: Bobby's LA Book Release with Wale

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.26.2019
What a night. The Hundreds team rolled deep to our biggest event of the year last night, celebrating the release of Bobby’s first book, This Is Not a T-Shirt. The memoir arrived on bookshelves worl... Read more

WHO WANTS THE SMOKE :: Burt Bakman Went From Renegade Backyard BBQ to Restaurateur

Julie Tremaine :: 06.21.2019
When I first met Burt Bakman, I was in the middle of explaining my theory that you should only eat a place’s signature food in that place, because anywhere else, you were destined for disappointmen... Read more

RED ALERT :: Wale Has New Music Out and Is Hosting Bobby's LA Book Release

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.21.2019
Listen up, this is no casual Friday. Lots of things to address. First of all, the end of the week means new music. Rick Ross is about to let Port of Miami 2: Born To Kill loose, and just released a... Read more

Read About This Is Not a T-Shirt in the LA Times Today

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.20.2019
Fans of the brand will no doubt enjoy “T-Shirt” for its origin-story arc; recounting details both big (how the founders met — at Loyola Law School) and small (how the bricks-and-mortar store off ... Read more

BEHIND THE SCENES :: The Hundreds X Osiris D3 Lookbook Shoot with Fred Durst

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.18.2019
As you probably already noticed, we got the goat Fred Durst to rock The Hundreds X Osiris D3 for our lookbook that debuted on Hypebeast this week. The shoes drop on Thursday, but there were so many... Read more

REARRANGED :: Fred Durst on Fame, Finding Normalcy, and Fat Sneakers

Duke London :: 06.18.2019
Yesterday, photos of Fred Durst wearing The Hundreds X Osiris D3 2001 went somewhat viral in the streetwear world, aka they were the most popular new item on Hypebeast. And to be honest, it wasn’t ... Read more

Book Tour Bobby Speaks with Forbes and Highsnobiety Ahead of Paris Book Debut

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.17.2019
Since speaking with and Full Size Run about his new book, This Is Not a T-Shirt, which arrives next Tuesday, June 25th, the Bobby Hundreds Book Press Tour Extravaganza has made sto... Read more

Bobby Gave Some Business Advice to

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.14.2019
I'm not a businessman. I'm not even a business, man. I'm just a man. Who so happens to also have a business. — Bobby Hundreds (@bobbyhundreds) June 14, 2019 Ahead of the ... Read more

I JUST CRUSH A LOT :: The Weird and Wonderful World of Osiris Stomping

Duke London :: 06.14.2019
Sometimes on the internet, you stumble into a treasure trove of weirdly satisfying yet inexplicably absurd content, and it haunts you. Whether it was the pimple popping video craze or the mukbang w... Read more

DRINKING BUDDY :: The Friend Fused Art with Alcohol to Create One of LA's Best Vibes

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.13.2019
There are infinite possibilities when deciding how to spend your night out in Los Angeles, and the choice you make when picking a drinking establishment can make or break your whole evening. A lot ... Read more

The Hundreds X The Friend

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.13.2019
On Thursday, June 13, The Hundreds will release a collaborative capsule with The Friend Bar in Los Angeles. The Friend is a must-visit mainstay in Silver Lake and just opened a new location on the ... Read more

VIRGIL ABLOH :: What the Fashion Icon's "Figures of Speech" Exhibit Means for Streetwear

Charlie Kane :: 06.11.2019
He isn’t original. He’s a copycat. These are common sentiments expressed about Virgil Abloh. Yet for the past weekend, Virgil has been celebrated and championed — a NikeLab Recreation Center pop-up... Read more

The Hundreds Hits the Road in Europe!

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.11.2019
Hello friends, hope your day is glorious. As you know, we primarily throw events in our home city of Los Angeles. Then, without fail, you flood our DMs with requests to come party in your city. Wel... Read more

AUX DUTY :: Polo G

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.10.2019
  When Chicago’s Polo G pulled up to The Hundreds HQ for an interview, we passed the chart-topping rising star the AUX cable for a little bit. He came through with a wildfire playlist that ... Read more

The Hundreds X Jungles Jungles

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.09.2019
Jack’s been working on Jungles Jungles for a long time, at least in streetwear years. Before garnering fans around the globe and getting cosigns from some of the most popular brands in the game, Ja... Read more

The Hundreds X Crawling Death

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.09.2019
Everyone and their mother makes t-shirts. So, the first thing that drew me to Crawling Death was that they just wanted to make hats when they started. Nothing complicated, just comfortable hats wit... Read more

The Hundreds X BOW3RY

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.09.2019
Any great horror film haunts you forever, whether you’re like me and get chills whenever you see a floating red balloon or you’re terrified of dolls or the basement or whatever. That fear is usuall... Read more

RSWD POP-UP :: BOW3RY, Crawling Death, and Jungles Jungles Collab with The Hundreds

The Hundreds Staff :: 06.06.2019
The Hundreds is happy to be hosting our friends from Australia, BOW3RY, Crawling Death, and Jungles Jungles. The three brands are in LA for a limited time and they’ve all taken over our old stompin... Read more