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LMAO :: The Best Memes of the Year

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.27.2019
It’s about that time, fellas. The end of the year is upon us and it’s time to reflect on the days where everything seemed to be going wrong but the memes kept us going. In fact, many things went re... Read more

POV FOR THE PEOPLE :: Comedian Caleb Hearon's Characters Are All of Us

Caitlin White :: 12.27.2019
Four videos in, Caleb Hearon’s (@calebsaysthings) saga about his “weekend with Jonathan from marketing” already made me laugh harder than any of the Netflix comedy specials I binged this year. Asid... Read more

15 Years Since Married To The Mob: What’s Next For Women in Streetwear?

Maria Mora :: 12.24.2019
I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was 2008. I was a high school senior witnessing the genesis of social media right before my eyes. Blogging platforms like Tumblr were gaining steam and prov... Read more

We Read All of Your 'Best Music of the Decade' Lists and Have an Official Response

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.18.2019
This past decade has been a roller coaster ride, to say the least. A lot of highs, and certainly a lot of lows. But we got through it. And while everyone is ready to leave the 2010s behind and see ... Read more

TITANS OF THE TUBE :: The Best TV Shows this Year

Andy Andersen :: 12.17.2019
I’m a movie guy, and I probably always will be. No more than a few years ago, the thought of making a Top 10 list for TV wouldn’t have even occurred to me. But it’s 2019 and the age of peak televis... Read more

The Hundreds X WWE

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.11.2019
On Thursday, December 12th, The Hundreds and World Wrestling Entertainment are uniting for the ultimate Tag Team Match, leaping from the top rope with a knockout collaboration. WWE represents the c... Read more

BREAKING ALL THE RULES :: How D-Generation X Defined the Attitude Era

Zach Norris :: 12.11.2019
The Attitude Era was a great time for factions in the WWE. Opposed to the modern-day version of the brand, which seems to have forgotten how cool larger stables can be, the mid to late-’90s were do... Read more

A Look Back at the Year in Comedy

Nic Juarez :: 12.11.2019
Sometimes we’re too close to an idea or feeling to understand it and we need a different entry point. To me, comedy is typically the clearest lens to look into the soul of the culture. And in 2019,... Read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 12.10.2019
To a casual viewer, a wrestler’s entrance music may seem like a random generic soundtrack thrown together so that the contestant has something to pump them up while they walk to the ring. But that’... Read more

JUST ADD POPCORN :: The Best Movies of the Decade

Matt Sigur :: 12.10.2019
A casual glance at cinema’s past decade shows comic-book quests and sequels. But if you look further past the box office receipts, you’ll see a wealth of films concerned with our real anxieties. Yo... Read more

The Hundreds Holiday Gift Guide

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.09.2019
🎵 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmahanukwanzakah 🎶 As the holidays creep up on us and the end of the decade inches ever closer, it’s (well past) time to start thinking about what you’re ... Read more

STONE COLD STUNNER :: How Steve Austin Changed Wrestling Forever

Alex Wong :: 12.09.2019
If you grew up in the ’90s, it is likely you were a WWE fan. Or at the very least, you knew about The Attitude Era, truly the golden age of professional wrestling. This was reality television befor... Read more

The Hundreds X Puma "Decades" Clydes

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.09.2019
PUMA has teamed up with classic California streetwear brand, THE HUNDREDS for their debut collaboration. Recreating PUMA’s iconic Clyde silhouette, the PUMA x THE HUNDREDS Clyde honors the OG color... Read more

A QUEEN AMONG US :: Give Rapsody Her Roses

Shirley Ju :: 12.09.2019
Rapsody is a breath of fresh air in the rap game: a beast on the mic and a sweetheart in person. Though she receives a fraction of the press and accolades, the North Carolina-native can spit just a... Read more


Justin Esposito :: 12.06.2019
Wrestling T-Shirts have become a symbol of the culturally savvy and a staple in street style, making them rare collectables fluctuating in price like your favorite Jordan 1s. This recent trend in v... Read more

SPECIAL EDITION :: This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.06.2019
Today is the first time you can buy Bobby’s book directly from The Hundreds, as weird as that sounds. And to commemorate the occasion, we released a very unique version. Special Edition Cover No. 1... Read more

READ ALL ABOUT IT :: The Best Books of the Decade

Michael Seidlinger :: 12.04.2019
It’s incredible to think that another decade has passed. If you’re like me, time lost all feeling the moment we hit the millennium. 2011 or 2019 — it all feels like the same level of cautious and b... Read more