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Dedicated to Innovation :: How G-SHOCK Became a Timeless Brand

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.29.2018
Prior to the smartphone boom, people turned to the wristwatch. And a certain watch proved to be the perfect convergence of functionality, hype, aesthetic beauty, & technological advances: Casio... Read more

10 Things You Didn't Know About Elvira

Tara Aquino :: 10.22.2018
Elvira has lived a million lives. Raised by drag queens, she was a Las Vegas showgirl at only 17 when Elvis told her to move to Hollywood. Get to know the empowering pop culture icon just in time f... Read more

The Hundreds X Rocky Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.18.2018
Presenting The Hundreds X Rocky lookbook, shot on location in Philadelphia. Read more

Southpaw Rising :: A Conversation with David "Junebug" Mijares

Tara Aquino :: 10.17.2018
"If you love boxing, writing, art, anything—you really need to go towards that. This world really needs to be a place where you live out your passion." An inspiring conversation with 6-0 undefeated... Read more

The Hundreds X Rocky Launch Party in Philadelphia with our Ps & Qs Fam

Kazie Holiday :: 10.16.2018
We spent the weekend in Philadelphia with our brothers at Ps & Qs for the The Hundreds X Rocky launch party. Read more

The Legend Behind Rocky's Rocky Origin Story

Justin Caffier :: 10.16.2018
At their cores, the urban myths behind the Rocky script and Sylvester Stallone are still undeniably about the triumph of human resilience—and what makes Rocky great—even if a few scenes have been p... Read more

The Hundreds X Baxter of California by Aaron Kai

Kazie Holiday :: 10.15.2018
Presenting our first collaborative collection of grooming products, The Hundreds X Baxter of California, featuring a custom graphic by pop artist Aaron Kai. Read more

WAKE UP BETTER :: A The Hundreds Guide to Getting Mornings Right

Maxwell Williams :: 10.13.2018
There's a few things that can make mornings better, like a great coffee, a smooth shave, & hardworking hair products. Here's our guide to waking up better, from headphones & deodorant to sn... Read more

The Hundreds Winter 2018 Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.09.2018
Presenting The Hundreds Winter 2018 lookbook, shot by Khan Delin. Read more

Streetwear Collabs, Nostalgia, & Rapper Cosigns :: How a '90s Brand Makes a Comeback

Kameron Hay :: 10.06.2018
There's a reason why it feels like we're living in a time warp. Kameron Hay explores why '90s brands like Guess, Fila, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, & Kappa have been repopularized to the forefront... Read more

Chaos, Order & Art: The Bizarre World of Brecht Vandenbroucke

Zio :: 10.01.2018
A new interview with Belgian cartoonist and illustrator Brecht Vandenbroucke on his chaos, order, the art world, and his satirical artworks that beckon viewers to look deeper. Read more