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Dedicated to Innovation :: How G-SHOCK Became a Timeless Brand

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.29.2018
Prior to the smartphone boom, people turned to the wristwatch. And a certain watch proved to be the perfect convergence of functionality, hype, aesthetic beauty, & technological advances: Casio... Read more

10 Things You Didn't Know About Elvira

Tara Aquino :: 10.22.2018
Elvira has lived a million lives. Raised by drag queens, she was a Las Vegas showgirl at only 17 when Elvis told her to move to Hollywood. Get to know the empowering pop culture icon just in time f... Read more

The Hundreds X Rocky Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.18.2018
Presenting The Hundreds X Rocky lookbook, shot on location in Philadelphia. Read more

Southpaw Rising :: A Conversation with David "Junebug" Mijares

Tara Aquino :: 10.17.2018
"If you love boxing, writing, art, anything—you really need to go towards that. This world really needs to be a place where you live out your passion." An inspiring conversation with 6-0 undefeated... Read more

The Hundreds X Rocky Launch Party in Philadelphia with our Ps & Qs Fam

Kazie Holiday :: 10.16.2018
We spent the weekend in Philadelphia with our brothers at Ps & Qs for the The Hundreds X Rocky launch party. Read more

The Legend Behind Rocky's Rocky Origin Story

Justin Caffier :: 10.16.2018
At their cores, the urban myths behind the Rocky script and Sylvester Stallone are still undeniably about the triumph of human resilience—and what makes Rocky great—even if a few scenes have been p... Read more

The Hundreds X Baxter of California by Aaron Kai

Kazie Holiday :: 10.15.2018
Presenting our first collaborative collection of grooming products, The Hundreds X Baxter of California, featuring a custom graphic by pop artist Aaron Kai. Read more

6 Artists & Designers Share Their Holy Grail Grooming Product

Zio :: 10.14.2018
We asked 6 artists & designers from graffiti artist Defer to Mike Cherman of Chinatown Market what their holy grail grooming product is. Read more

WAKE UP BETTER :: A The Hundreds Guide to Getting Mornings Right

Maxwell Williams :: 10.13.2018
There's a few things that can make mornings better, like a great coffee, a smooth shave, & hardworking hair products. Here's our guide to waking up better, from headphones & deodorant to sn... Read more

The Hundreds Winter 2018 Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.09.2018
Presenting The Hundreds Winter 2018 lookbook, shot by Khan Delin. Read more

The Similarities Between the Best Streetwear and Boxing

Alec Banks :: 10.08.2018
It may seem like a stretch to draw similarities between streetwear and the sweet science, but Alec Banks argues that the best streetwear actually has more in common with the best of boxing than we ... Read more

Streetwear Collabs, Nostalgia, & Rapper Cosigns :: How a '90s Brand Makes a Comeback

Kameron Hay :: 10.06.2018
There's a reason why it feels like we're living in a time warp. Kameron Hay explores why '90s brands like Guess, Fila, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, & Kappa have been repopularized to the forefront... Read more

Chaos, Order & Art: The Bizarre World of Brecht Vandenbroucke

Zio :: 10.01.2018
A new interview with Belgian cartoonist and illustrator Brecht Vandenbroucke on his chaos, order, the art world, and his satirical artworks that beckon viewers to look deeper. Read more