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December 19 :: Get Your Tickets to The Hundreds & Howlin' Ray's Holiday Fundraiser

Kazie Holiday :: 11.30.2017
Howlin' Ray's is known far and wide as the LA destination for Nashville-style hot chicken. For our holiday fundraiser, skip the line, get a T-shirt, sandwich, and side with all proceeds to charity. Read more

Meet Case Jernigan, the Artist Creating Animated Masterpieces Out of Paper Cutouts

Johnny F. Kim :: 11.28.2017
"I managed to let go of the stigma that painting needed to be my true form of expression. In short, I grew up." Meet Case, an artist who found his unique paper cut out animation medium through a pa... Read more

More Than Just a Design Choice :: A Brief History of Tigerstripe Camo

Peter Yeh :: 11.22.2017
Reminiscent of jungle foliage, with bold black stripes falling over brushstrokes of green and brown, tigerstripe camouflage was created to match the bamboo-littered terrain of Vietnam. Here's a bri... Read more

B+ on Staying True, a Photographer's Responsibility, & His Expansive New Book 'Ghostnotes'

Senay Kenfe :: 11.21.2017
"I always had this notion that somehow, there’s bigger stories to be told that aren’t being told." An unsung hero & real student of the culture, photographer B+ has documented underground music... Read more

Zany to the Max :: Understanding the Genius of Animaniacs, a Show Ahead of Its Time

Alex Wong :: 11.20.2017
The genius of Animaniacs was a gift. While many animated series from that era have become dated, Animaniacs has simply gotten better with age. Alex Wong explores why. Read more

The Hundreds X Animaniacs Lookbook :: Shot by Bobby Hundreds

Kazie Holiday :: 11.15.2017
The Hundreds X Animaniacs lookbook, shot by Bobby Hundreds. Read more

Those Are the Facts! 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Animaniacs

Alex Wong :: 11.15.2017
Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Animaniacs was an award-winning series that became one of the most imaginative & ambitious animated shows on TV. Here's 9 fun facts, like how 7 composers... Read more

The Hundreds X Sole Classics Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 11.10.2017
For The Hundreds X Sole Classics collection, we were inspired by Sole Classics’ Midwestern industry heartland roots, joined with The Hundreds’ West Coast workwear origins. “Here in Ohio, we have a ... Read more

Do It for the Culture :: Why We're Inspired By Sole Classics Founder Dionte Johnson

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.10.2017
Before buying Sole Classics at the age of 23, Dionte Johnson was preparing for a career in pro football. This is a story about will and integrity—about bouncing back, and being a team player who gi... Read more

Sharing the Horror :: The Enduring Legacy of 'IT'

Justin Davis :: 11.02.2017
Perhaps the biggest reason that IT has still garnered an audience of new and old fans is because of its very human themes of memory, trauma, and coming-of-age—and of course our shared fear of the u... Read more

'Skin Deep' Is a Powerful Book of Portraits Documenting Ex-Gang Members Without Tattoos

Alex Wong :: 11.01.2017
"These people wake up everyday and see their history... staring back at them." Steven Burton's new book "Skin Deep: Looking Beyond the Tattoos" invites us to look deeper via a series of portraits &... Read more