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SAVVY TRAVELER :: Road Tripping with Scarub of Living Legends

Armon Collins :: 05.30.2019
Road trips are when I get to expand on ideas that would usually be pushed aside -– tucked away with hopes of remembering to revisit them during quieter times in distant places. I find myself lost i... Read more

The Hundreds X Fool's Gold

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.30.2019
On Thursday, May 30, The Hundreds and Fool’s Gold Records will team up to release a capsule collection. The Los Angeles streetwear brand and Brooklyn-based independent music label teased their coll... Read more

Five Times Fool's Gold Put You On

Duke London :: 05.29.2019
It’s been over a decade since world-renowned DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs founded their music label Fool’s Gold Records, but the independent imprint’s massive impact is still felt as much today as... Read more

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY :: Polo G Took A Different Route to the Top

Shirley Ju :: 05.28.2019
In today’s age of clout-chasing, trolling, and plain old social media fuckery, Polo G stands out by using great music and an authentic story to propel his budding stardom. The 20-year-old’s... Read more

The Lasting Legacy of the Nike Uptempo

Kish Lal :: 05.24.2019
A reminder of the halcyon days of the mid-90s, the Nike Uptempo is not only one of the brand’s most recognizable designs, but also its boldest. Initially created as a performance shoe, the roots of... Read more

RSVP :: The Hundreds X Fool's Gold Party in Brooklyn 5/28

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.23.2019
On Tuesday, May 28, The Hundreds and Fool’s Gold Records teams will join forces to throw a party in  Brooklyn. Feel free to tweet us all pizza reccs. The reason for the season is our upcoming coll... Read more

25 Years of H2O :: An Electric Show Celebrating Family and Positivity

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.23.2019
On Saturday, May 18, The Hundreds and H2O commemorated the band’s 25th anniversary with a limited run merch collaboration designed by Bobby Hundreds and a free concert. It was the quintessential H... Read more

CONSPIRACY THEORY :: Are Marvin and Adam Bomb Related?

bread man :: 05.23.2019
So I was perusing through The Hundreds Instagram yesterday and saw a post of Marvin The Martian staring menacingly back through the screen at me. This photo really stuck with me, there was just som... Read more

The Hundreds X Looney Tunes: Marvin The Martian

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.21.2019
On Thursday, May 23, The Hundreds will team up with Warner Bros. for The Hundreds X Looney Tunes: Marvin The Martian, a collaboration sure to make an Earth-shattering KABOOM. One of the most iconic... Read more

The Hundreds X H2O By Bobby Hundreds

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.18.2019
Saturday, May 18, The Hundreds and hardcore band H2O released their latest collaboration and celebrated the project with a live show at The Hundreds HQ. The band and the brand have worked together ... Read more

MARVIN THE MARTIAN :: An Earth Shattering Kaboom in Pop Culture

Kish Lal :: 05.17.2019
It’s no fluke that Marvin The Martian’s Looney Tunes debut in 1948 on the cartoon “Haredevil Hare” coincided with a flying saucer crashing into New Mexico. While Roswell was said to be surreptitiou... Read more

PAINTING PORTALS :: Brandon Boyd on Milestones, Memory, and Maple Syrup

Duke London :: 05.16.2019
Water is mighty beyond measure. Its immense force can push us away or pull us in. It can destroy us or it can bring new life. While water is one of the most bountiful substances in our bodies and o... Read more

WOOSAH :: Toby Morse and H2O Help Us Keep a PMA

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.15.2019
As The Hundreds gears up to release another collaboration with legendary hardcore band H2O, we’re right in the middle of a bunch of projects. Everyone at TH is grinding and feeling the heat as we c... Read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 05.13.2019
THIS SATURDAY The Hundreds invites you to our Homebase to celebrate the 25th anniversary of H2O SHARP/SHOCK and Rend will be playing The Hundreds Warehouse Stage, too. The show is ALL AGES with FOO... Read more

INTERVIEW :: Fury is Bridging the Gap in Southern California Hardcore and Beyond

Duke London :: 05.13.2019
When The Hundreds and Never Made threw a warehouse hardcore show in Long Beach to celebrate the release of their collaboration, I honestly didn’t know what I was in for. Upon entry, before the crow... Read more

BEHIND THE DESIGN :: The Hundreds Summer Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.09.2019
Today, The Hundreds launched its Summer Collection, available on The Hundreds App, Online Shop, UK Online Shop, The Hundreds Los Angeles, and select stockists. We couldn’t be more excited about thi... Read more

BREAKING NEWS :: We Have a Major Announcement Regarding the Black Adam T-Shirt

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.09.2019
UPDATE View this post on Instagram The Black Adam T-shirt is the most exclusive piece from @thehundreds history. It’s never been sold – the only way you can get ... Read more

The Hundreds Summer Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 05.09.2019
On Thursday, May 9th, The Hundreds released Delivery 1 of our Summer 2019 Collection. The entire collection is California casual through and through: laid-back, colorful classics and beach-ready ea... Read more

FOLLOW CAM :: Eunice Chang's Date With a Double Set

Tara Aquino :: 05.08.2019
Eunice Chang is your ride-or-die best friend. Quite literally, the 25-year-old skater from Los Angeles not only has the plywood prowess to meet you on your biggest trick but she’ll also be your big... Read more

DECENT JOKES ON WORTHLESS CARDS :: The Tale Of The Baseball Card Vandals

Tony Rettman :: 05.07.2019
In the past few years, the concept of coloring books for adults has been lauded as a new way of relieving the stress and strife of grown-up life with the theory being the unique combination of focu... Read more