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The 11 Best Genre-Spanning Songs of 2017

Maxwell Williams :: 12.31.2017
Reel in the new year with these bangers. From K-pop and emo rap to Brazilian funk and Nigerian pop, these are our favorite songs of the year. Read more

Jensen Karp's 10 Favorite Movies of 2017

Jensen Karp :: 12.30.2017
Jensen Karp rounds up his annual 10 favorite films of the year. Read more

The Best Articles We Read in 2017

Alex Wong :: 12.30.2017
2017 as a whole saw the world plunge into all kinds of darkness, with some of the most ridiculous headlines that turned the world into a real-life version of The Onion. But amidst all the terrible ... Read more

GIRLS TO THE FRONT :: Best Songs By Women in 2017

Anna Dorn :: 12.29.2017
SZA and Syd dropped perfect albums. Cherry Glazerr and Priests showed us guitars can still be cool. Yaeji reminded us that genres are arbitrary and best when bent. "Bodak Yellow" basically started ... Read more

The Hundreds Staff's Favorite Streetwear Moments of 2017

The Hundreds Staff :: 12.29.2017
Check out what members of our Design, Art, and Marketing departments had to say about their favorite moments in our culture this year below. Read more

How Hip-Hop Won the Year

Jameel Raeburn :: 12.28.2017
If you remember 2017 for anything, remember it as the year hip-hop ran it all. Read more

Looking Back, Moving Forward :: This Year in Sneakers

Alex Wong :: 12.28.2017
For our definitive year end list, Alex Wong looks back at a very interesting year in the world of sneakers, and discusses the reseller industry, worst sneaker trend, inspirational figures, major dr... Read more

This Year's Best Moments in Comedy

Tyler Watamanuk :: 12.28.2017
In the political and social chaos that is 2017, we needed good comedy more than ever. Here's a list of 2017's best things in comedy that might not be found on a more traditional year-end list, like... Read more

Best of 2017 :: Graphic Novels

Alex Wong :: 12.27.2017
The best graphic novels 2017 gave us, from Mimi Pond's character-focused The Customer Is Always Wrong to Simon Hanselmann's absurdist One More Year. Read more

Zeemuffin Counts Down the 10 Best Music Videos of 2017

Zainab Hasnain :: 12.27.2017
From Jay-Z's "The Story of O.J." to French duo The Blaze's "Territory," here are Zeemuffin's top 10 music videos of 2017 - a year that blessed us with stellar music and visuals to help us power thr... Read more

The Best Podcasts of 2017

Zio :: 12.26.2017
Zio counts down the 8 podcasts she most enjoyed listening to in 2018, from the first podcast produced fully behind bars in San Quentin to a '90s-obsessed podcast by two comedians raised on televisi... Read more

Chinese Food and a Movie :: Jensen Karp Uncovers a Jewish Christmas Mystery!

Jensen Karp :: 12.23.2017
"Little did I know that by just asking Jews what they do on December 25th, I would open my own eyes to something totally fucking insane. Like when we realized Jay Z and Beyoncé were in the Illumina... Read more

The Best Standup Comedy of 2017

Erik Abriss :: 12.22.2017
The upside to 2017's comedy bubble was the variety afforded by its elasticity—we saw diverse voices, inclusive experiences, experimental styles, and innovation. Erik Abriss rounds up his annual bes... Read more

The Hundreds X Howlin' Ray's Charity Fundraiser Recap

Kazie Holiday :: 12.21.2017
Whats better than Howlin' Ray's? Howlin' Ray's with no line! Big thank you to everyone who came out to our Holiday Fundraiser with our friends at Howlin' Ray's. Spirits were high and the food was d... Read more

The Most Impressive Architecture We Saw in 2017

Zio :: 12.21.2017
2017 gave us another Blade Runner, but this year’s futuristic architecture had us feeling like we were actually living inside the dystopian film. The most incredible projects range from a dancing s... Read more

A Banner Year for Gamers :: The 10 Best Video Games of 2017

Justin Caffier :: 12.20.2017
In a year defined by shittiness, 2017 somehow wound up being a once-in-a-decade banner year for video games. Here’s what we’ve deemed as most worthy of your remaining hours before the socialist rev... Read more

Best of 2017 :: Josh Peas Rounds Up His 5 Favorite Mixtapes This Year

Josh Peas :: 12.19.2017
As streaming becomes more popular, the line between EP, mixtape, and album have become even more blurred. For this list, Josh Peas selected only projects available for free download on LiveMixtapes... Read more

THE MATRIX HAS US :: The Sci-Fi Classic's Startling Modern-Day Relevance

Devin O’Neill :: 12.18.2017
Neo had “a splinter in his mind”: a native suspicion that there was something beyond the user interface—something underneath the world as it was presented to him. How did human beings lose sight of... Read more

10 People Who Defined What Sports Meant to Us in 2017

Alex Wong :: 12.15.2017
This year, with the intersection between sports and politics, it mattered less who won championships, or who was the best player—it became about athletes and journalists who used their platform for... Read more

No Funny Business :: 5 Moments in IT That Will Scare You Off Clowns Forever

Justin Davis :: 12.15.2017
The coming of age story of IT spans over two decades, two dimensions, and a whole lot of backstory. Here's 5 of the record-breaking horror film's most terrifying moments. Read more