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Raphaël Zarka's Photo Book "Riding Modern Art" Explores How Skateboarding Can Transform Modern Sculpture

Seb Carayol :: 10.30.2017
"Unlike the art critic, the skater isn't looking for the 'unsaid' in an art piece, its hidden meaning... No—as an actor, or musician, the skater plays the piece. It's a full-on performance." Why Ra... Read more

The Hundreds Winter 2017 Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.25.2017
We considered late-'90s-era streetwear and the ominous new millennium as an undertone when we composed The Hundreds Winter 2017, which led to military-inspired garments with technical details for f... Read more

Eric Trine Is the Instagrammable Answer to California Modernism

Tyler Watamanuk :: 10.25.2017
"Design should be good and accessible, and you shouldn’t need to think about it more that that... Why does it need to be in the MoMA? I just want it to be in someone’s living room." Eric Trine is s... Read more

The State of Affairs and Tomorrow's New Noise :: The Steven Vogel Interview

Alina Nguyen :: 10.23.2017
"It’s our job as artists not only to reflect, but shape a positive socially inclusive future." An interview with OG streetwear writer, designer, critic, and luminary Steven Vogel of Black Lodges, w... Read more

'Fuck a Following—Can You Make Me Feel Something?' :: An Interview with Photographer Christina Paik

Charlie Kane :: 10.20.2017
"All things must align for magic to happen, but you’d be surprised how much magic is out there." An interview with modern film photographer Christina Paik, who is known for her distinct portrait wo... Read more

The Hundreds Socks by Christina Paik Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.19.2017
"This collaboration with The Hundreds represents many elements of who I am. The colorway represents my home of New York, the logo comes from Paris, and it’s all brought together by The Hundreds, br... Read more

Wisdom Beyond Years :: An Afternoon with Chester Watson & Max Wonders

Kat Thompson :: 10.17.2017
A conversation with Chester Watson and Max Wonders—two rising young stars praised by the likes of PItchfork, Fact, and Pigeons & Planes—on everything from ballet to Cowboy Bebop, psychedelics, ... Read more

Spitset House Party Photo Recap :: Live Performance by YEEK, DJ Sets By Huneycut, Laedi, Marc Montoya, Alexander Spit

Kazie Holiday :: 10.16.2017
A recap of this past weekend's day function. Hats off to Alexander Spit for the vision. Read more

The Crew Behind Philadelphia's P's & Q's on Why Friendship, Passion, and Community Come First

Kat Thompson :: 10.16.2017
Rooted in friendship and heart, with a real passion for their community's culture, P’s & Q’s is Philly's streetwear mainstay celebrating their 5 year anniversary. Find out what makes their crew... Read more

The Hundreds X Friday the 13th Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.13.2017
The concept for our The Hundreds X Friday the 13th lookbook was to capture the calm before the storm—before things get dark. The peaceful calm before all hell breaks loose. Shot on digital and film... Read more

The Legacy Of Jason Voorhees

Alex Wong :: 10.12.2017
Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic villains in movie history, and has helped Friday the 13th remain a very important part of horror movie lore many years after we were first introduced to Cam... Read more

13 Things You Didn't Know About the Friday the 13th Franchise

Zio :: 10.11.2017
Jason was almost named... Josh?! A burned down house and filmmakers so poor they tried to sell their blood - here's 13 surprising things you didn't know about the iconic Friday the 13th franchise. Read more

SATURDAY! SPITSET Day Party in LA: Performance by Yeek + DJ Sets By Huneycut, Laedi, Marc Montoya

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.10.2017
"We're throwing a FREE Los Angeles day party with all the homies in the middle of October and everyone's invited." Read more

Homegrown :: An Interview with Malaysian Streetwear Brand Pestle & Mortar

Kazie Holiday :: 10.09.2017
"As a label and brand, to the youth of Malaysia, we stand to be something that all Malaysians and Southeast Asians can be proud of. A homegrown brand that constantly stands by and represents our un... Read more

The Hundreds X Pestle & Mortar Lookbook, Shot in Kuala Lumpur

Kazie Holiday :: 10.09.2017
Pestle & Mortar is a community-driven Malaysian label and brand whose goal since their inception is to put Southeast Asian streetwear on the map and share its culture with the rest of the world... Read more

Revisiting Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Brandon Diaz :: 10.05.2017
"The film was an anomaly, created under circumstances that will probably never happen again... A re-watch gives pangs for a time when cartoons were hand-drawn, extravagantly slapstick, and a bit of... Read more

The Hundreds X Who Framed Roger Rabbit Lookbook

Kazie Holiday :: 10.05.2017
Presenting our The Hundreds X Who Framed Roger Rabbit lookbook, inspired by the iconic 1988 live action animation hybrid film, and shot at RSWD, our Los Angeles flagship, reimagined as a cartoon wo... Read more