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RECAP :: The Hundreds and Bricks & Wood Takeover Fairfax with 3-on-3 Open Run

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.31.2019
This past weekend, The Hundreds and Bricks & Wood teams met up at the courts on Fairfax to battle test our new collab. We invited everyone and their friends and gave Blondie Beach the AUX, it t... Read more

REVIEW :: Is The Farewell Staring At Me?

Shirley Ju :: 07.30.2019
I didn’t expect it to but The Farewell really had me in tears. As a frequent visitor to the movie theater, I always look for the deeper meaning in all of the films I see, no matter how corny or ch... Read more

The Hundreds X Bricks & Wood

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.25.2019
On Saturday, July 20th, The Hundreds and Bricks & Wood are teaming up to bring legacy Los Angeles vibes to Chicago for ComplexCon. The two LA brands will release a limited edition collection th... Read more

SWEET SIXTEEN :: The Hundreds Turns 16 and Can Officially Drive

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.23.2019
Wow, what a wild ride it has been. Today, The Hundreds turns 16-years-old. Hard to believe, really. In streetwear years, we’re approximately 104, so to still be not only hanging around but thrivin... Read more

Tie-Dye Isn't Dying, It's Thriving

Kish Lal :: 07.22.2019
Calling tie-dye a new fashion trend anytime after the 1960s is kind of frivolous. The centuries-old print is as entrenched in fashion as animal print, distressed denim or camo, but often oscillates... Read more

The Hundreds X Joe Freshgoods

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.20.2019
On Saturday, July 20th, The Hundreds and Chicago streetwear legend Joe Freshgoods will release a collaborative Graphic T-Shirt at ComplexCon. This is a can’t-miss release, and will only be availabl... Read more

The Hundreds by Lena Waithe

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.20.2019
During ComplexCon, taking place July 20th and 21st in Chicago, The Hundreds will release one of our most anticipated collaborations of the year, working with Chicago-native and award-winning supers... Read more

Bricks & Wood Founder Kacey Lynch's Ties to The Hundreds Run Deeper Than Streetwear

Duke London :: 07.19.2019
This weekend in Chicago, The Hundreds is collaborating with some of Chicago’s brightest stars and most historic streetwear figures, from Lena Waithe to Leaders and Joe Freshgoods. But it’s a collab... Read more

THE CHASE IS THE DESTINATION :: How Moving to Chicago Changed Everything for ChaseTheMoney

Shirley Ju :: 07.19.2019
It was a beautiful Monday in Los Angeles and I had somehow convinced 23-year-old producer wunderkind ChaseTheMoney to meet me at Starbucks in Encino. Before sparking a joint on a bench outside, Cha... Read more

The Hundreds X Leaders

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.18.2019
On Thursday, July 18th, The Hundreds and Leaders 1354 will join forces to release a collaboration years in the making. The Hundreds, a legend in Los Angeles streetwear, and Leaders 1354, a pioneer ... Read more

THE COOL KIDS :: Chicago's Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks Elevated Thrifting to an Art Form

Devin Robertson :: 07.17.2019
Naming your group The Cool Kids is a bold statement. That level of self-confidence is commensurate with Kobe Bryant anointing himself the “Black Mamba.” When Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks eme... Read more

ESTEBAN WHITESIDE :: Painting Through the Injustice System

Kristen Strader :: 07.15.2019
After unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed at the hands of Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, without any justice for Brown or his community, Esteban Whiteside’s creative purp... Read more

FAMILY STYLE FEST :: The Great Fry Debate

Duke London :: 07.13.2019
First of all, Happy National French Fry Day. Truly a momentous occasion. I mean, this is something we can all agree on: fries are fucking amazing. In this time of national upheavel and division, we... Read more

RECAP :: The Hundreds and Blondie Beach Take Over Oslo

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.11.2019
While The Hundreds team was in Europe, they made a pit stop in Norway to visit the beautiful city of Oslo. We don’t get to come to Oslo all that often, so we wanted to maximize our time and party ... Read more

The Hundreds by Visionarism

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.09.2019
British Summertime Photography: Thierry Tek Styling: Ste Wing Models: Bobby Gordon & Jaay Wood   The Hundreds has recently released the first drop of their Summer 2019 Collection. The... Read more

STAFF PICKS :: The Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.08.2019
Today is National Video Game Day, and to celebrate, we asked our staff to dig through their mental archives and reminisce. Because many people usually pick similar games as their all-time favorite,... Read more

FAMILY STYLE FEST :: Ben Hundreds Ranks Cheap Chicken Tenders for #NationalFriedChickenDay

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.06.2019
Happy Holidays, everyone. As you know, today is the high holy day of Fried Chicken, a very important occasion. To celebrate, we decided to have our resident food expert Ben Hundreds rank cheap chic... Read more

RATHER BE FISHING :: How Zacari Went From Alaskan Bear Guide to Rising Music Star

Shirley Ju :: 07.05.2019
If Zacari never learned to play the saxophone, we may have never heard him sing. In fact, he may still be guiding fly fishing tours in Alaska. But shout out to Moosa and TDE, who heard the talented... Read more

RECAP :: Bobby's Big Book Tour Hits San Francisco with Benny Gold

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.03.2019
Last week, after a massive showing in LA for Bobby’s This Is Not a T-Shirt release, the team headed north to San Francisco to do it all over again. This time, we held a Q&A at Green Apple Books... Read more

Complex Visits The Hundreds HQ to Talk with Bobby About His First Book

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.01.2019
Buy This Is Not a T-Shirt Read more