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The Hundreds Staff :: 11.29.2019
It’s the most wonderful time of the year aka the championship of late-stage capitalism, Black Friday. This is where we separate the men from the boys, the people who get all the banger deals they w... Read more

Kazi is Using Claymation to Tell a Different Kind of Crenshaw Story

Duke London :: 11.27.2019
Working with clay is a labor of love, an exhausting process that results in some of the most expressive art imaginable. The sculptor’s vision comes to life in a way not many other mediums can produ... Read more

DEPRESSED UNTIL HE MADE THIS :: Kembe X Sees the Light and Speaks His Truth

Shirley Ju :: 11.26.2019
Kembe X is just like the rest of us, a human being who struggles with mental illness. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, Kembe has battled it. Born and raised in a small suburb ... Read more

PRAY FOR THE HOOD :: Six Sev and the New Generation of Crenshaw Creatives are Embodying Nipsey's Vision

Duke London :: 11.25.2019
A couple of months ago, LA artist Six Sev visited The Hundreds HQ, took a tour, met the team, and showed us some of his work. We were blown away at what Six Sev, Tay Hundreds, Kazi (who you’ll lear... Read more

BLIMES AND GAB :: How These West Coast MCs are Securing the B.A.G.

Taylor Engle :: 11.25.2019
As the old saying goes: “Two heads are better than one,” and the proverb holds true throughout hip-hop history. From OutKast to Mobb Deep, it’s been proven time and time again, when an artist finds... Read more

Meet the Viral Instagram User Who Streamed Drake's Downfall at Flog Gnaw

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.22.2019
Tyler, the Creator’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival went down a week or so ago and things went off without a hitch all weekend long — before the final set, that is. The Flog Gnaw lineup featured so... Read more

The Hundreds Adam Bomb Collection Part II

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.21.2019
On Friday, November 22nd, The Hundreds will release another Adam Bomb Collection, following up the first ever collection focused solely on the character, released in May. Adam Bomb made his debut t... Read more

Adam Bomb Had Quite the Year So We're Bringing Back a Legendary Piece

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.19.2019
This year has been a wild ride for Adam Bomb. Our mascot put together a string of  remarkable performances, coming through with resurgent showings in many drops so far, with even more on the way. H... Read more

High School Students Get A Crash Course in Sneaker Design and Marketing with Incorp[HER]ated

Maria Mora :: 11.15.2019
The way we shop and the reasons behind it have changed drastically over the years thanks to technology. Consumers are more intentional with how they spend their dollars than ever before. Factors in... Read more

STRAWBERRY FIELDS :: Eduardo Viramontes is Showing LA the Fruits of His Labor

Allison Gretchko :: 11.15.2019
There are tens of thousands of artists chasing their dreams in Los Angeles but very few of them grew up here and can claim childhood memories of the city as the inspiration behind their work. Eduar... Read more

LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds X Half Evil

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.14.2019
On Thursday, November 14th, The Hundreds will unite forces with a rising star in the streetwear community, Chicago-based brand Half Evil. The collaboration bridges the gap between legacy streetwear... Read more

ALL ABOUT TH3 F33LING :: Half Evil is Showing Streetwear's Good Side

Duke London :: 11.12.2019
Normally, when you hear about a 21-year-old who bails on the cookie cutter college path, becomes a phenom in their field, and generates millions in the process, it’s the story of a superstar musici... Read more

The Hundreds X Space Ghost Coast to Coast

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.07.2019
On Friday, November 8th, The Hundreds is joining forces with Cartoon Network Enterprises around one of the most iconic superhero-slash-talk-show-hosts ever for a collaboration that will shake the g... Read more

BRAK LIKE HE NEVER LEFT :: Space Ghost and Aqua Teen Voice Actor Andy Merrill Tells All

Duke London :: 11.06.2019
While researching another story on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, it became obvious that this cult classic was one of the most unlikely success stories in television history. From a side project birth... Read more

ITINERARE :: From Chicago to LA with Joe Freshgoods

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.01.2019
Everyone who’s everyone is seemingly in LA this weekend for ComplexCon, and Chicago legend Joe Freshgoods is no exception. We’re teaming up with the DIY designer for part two our T-Shirt series tha... Read more

TONGVA LAND FOREVER :: The True First Citizens of Los Angeles

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.01.2019
One of the major goals of our Obsidian Collective collaboration is to amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples in the hopes that their fight for freedom and sovereignty will find new audiences that... Read more