Meet the Viral Instagram User Who Streamed Drake's Downfall at Flog Gnaw

Meet the Viral Instagram User Who Streamed Drake's Downfall at Flog Gnaw

By The Hundreds Staff

November 22, 2019

Tyler, the Creator’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival went down a week or so ago and things went off without a hitch all weekend long — before the final set, that is. The Flog Gnaw lineup featured some returning friends like Earl, The Internet, and Brockhampton, all drawing huge crowds. But it also welcomed many new campers like 21 Savage, Dominic Fike, and Solange, making for a fairly eclectic collection of artists for attendees to hear off in the distance while they stood in line for merch.

Leading up to CFG, the main point of contention online was just who exactly the headliner covered in question marks would be. Though there were plenty of guesses and theories, pretty much everyone decided that the surprise superstar was surely Frank Ocean. Like, people for sure bought tickets to this thinking Frank Ocean would be there, based on literally nothing. Kind of hilarious in hidsight.

All throughout the day, clues and hints and murmurs were scarce, some rumors stating Lil Uzi would be the very special guest, then others still adamant that Frank and his new singles would take center stage. For those viewing at home on the livestream, it didn’t really matter because the final suprise headliner’s set wouldn’t be broadcast on Twitch like Tyler’s or Solange’s set. Nope, this set was a special gift to the people in attendance, or at least that was the plan.

As Tyler walked out on stage to thank everyone for supporting his 8th Camp Flog Gnaw, Instagram user @yayadauto made the ultimate sacrifice. She laid her social life on the line for all of our sins of not buying tickets to Flog Gnaw. Yayadauto could have posted crystal clear photos and videos of the headlining set to her Instagram story to commemorate her trip to the festival but no, she acted selflessly and decided she would donate her prime placement in the crowd and amazing cell phone service to the people, acting as the unofficial official livestream after Flog Gnaw’s presentation ended.

As Tyler let the fans know that he’d actually be bringing out a few friends instead of just one surprise guest, Yaya’s IG Live was just starting to pick up steam. As anticipation on Twitter grew and people clammored to find out who the secret guest was, word spread of Yaya’s stream. I got a link from a guy whose tweet was retweeted by someone I don’t know but their retweet got liked by someone I follow, typical Twitter shit.

First, A$AP Rocky came out, then rumors became facts as Lil Uzi graced the stage for a few songs. But the chants from the crowd could be heard loud and clear as Tyler walked back out to introduce the final guest.


Then, Drake came out. That Drake. Wheelchair Jimmy. Drizzy Aubrey Graham. Your babymom’s background, the prodigal son. But he didn’t receive the thunderous roars you may expect from the crowd, rather a mix of cheers and boos and FRAAAAAANKs.

As you’ve most likely seen, things went downhill after seven or eight songs when Drake was feeling the heat and asked the audience outright if they wanted him to keep going or kick rocks. They answered pretty succinctly and he walked off stage.

I caught up with now-famous social commentary expert Yayadauto to find out what compelled her to go live and ask if she had Drake-related regrets. It went down in the DMs.

The Hundreds Staff