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You Can Now Preorder Bobby Hundreds' First Book, This Is Not a T-Shirt

You Can Now Preorder Bobby Hundreds' First Book, This Is Not a T-Shirt


A note from Bobby Hundreds:

At some point in the last few weeks, I celebrated a birthday. That’s okay if you didn’t know – in fact, I prefer it that way. I spent it by myself, in the water and on the sand, and I was happy nobody shared my day on social media. I’ve always been uncomfortable with compliments, sure, but especially for being congratulated on things I had nothing to do with. It feels almost.. fraudulent? Today — well, today is different. Today, I get to give you the cover for my first book. Today, I tell you how I poured my last two years into this dream, how I built this rollercoaster out of paragraphs and rode it late into my nights – and it was exhilarating and painful at times and how so many of the drops were unexpected. Today, I am grateful. I’m accepting any praise or hate you send my way, because I’ve earned it all. I wrote a memoir about my life, my entirety, something I thought was impossible and far away and perhaps never, and now that day is fast approaching. So, instead of buying me something – let’s celebrate together by sharing this gift. My book, This Is Not a T-shirt, is now available for pre-order. Happy birthday.

[Bobby falls asleep]

[Bobby wakes up]

Last night, I announced that my book is available for pre-order and it is already the top seller in the Fashion Design category on Amazon. Thank you. I believe this book speaks to everyone, whether you’re into fashion or start-ups, and especially if you’re feeling unheard, alone, and like the world is passing you by. This is not a success story. What you may be surprised to read in This Is Not a T-shirt is a failure story. My memoir is also trending highly in Business Biographies, but most business tales you hear about are about the wins: the cover of Forbes, the billion-dollar valuations, the 12-year-old prodigy who created some app that changed the world. I wanted to write a truthful testimony of building a meaningful brand that’s centered on community and relationships, and overcoming the hardship and heartache that visit along the way. I hope it brings you insight and entertainment, but most of all, comfort.

Preorder This Is Not a T-Shirt

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