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ADAM BOMB :: Reimagined by Other Artists

ADAM BOMB :: Reimagined by Other Artists

One of the most fascinating aspects of Adam Bomb’s history has been when other artists outside of The Hundreds have given their takes on the brand’s signature cartoon bomb character.

Throughout The Hundreds’ sixteen years in existence, so many legendary artists have imagined Adam Bomb in their own unique artistic style and blessed us with timeless pieces. Some stay closer to the original Adam design, adding subtle design elements that hint of their involvement, while others have decided to translate Adam into their own distinct creative world, adapting Adam completely to their universe.

We love them all, each with their own personalities and stories jogging the memory of a classic collaboration.

To celebrate the first ever release of an Adam Bomb Collection by The Hundreds, we’re going back through history to highlight all of the artists we’ve worked with on reimagining Adam Bomb.

Iwan Smit, 2012

Jim Davis, 2010

Jun Cha, 2009


The first ever Adam Bomb Collection will be available on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at Midnight EST.

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