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Industry Heads Share Thoughts on Supreme x Louis Vuitton with Highsnobiety

Industry Heads Share Thoughts on Supreme x Louis Vuitton with Highsnobiety

Today Highsnobiety rounded up some industry heads and influencers to share their thoughts on the controversial new Supreme x Louis Vuitton collab. Is the collaboration between the LV of Streetwear and the OG LV the canary in streetwear’s coal mine? The Hundreds’ co-founder and CCO Bobby Hundreds, along with Keith Hufnagel (HUF), Chris Gibbs (Union), Emma Hope Allwood (Dazed), and more dig in.

Bobby Hundreds said the collaboration was both the best and worst both brands could’ve done for their legacies—but it’s still fun and isn’t that why we love Supreme? We put together our highlights from the piece below—check out the piece in full here.

“It’s the best thing Supreme and LV have ever done, and it’s the worst thing they could’ve done for their legacies – it’s everything and nothing. At the end of the day, it’s 100% fun and I have to thank James and Supreme for continuing to give us that after all these years. Fuck the rest.” – Bobby Hundreds, The Hundreds

“The old rules don’t apply anymore and this is the definitive proof of that. I’ve heard so many different opinions – from people being overjoyed that street culture is getting recognized on such a stage to people thinking that Vuitton are too removed from those same streets to interpret them. Really though, I think that a LV x Supreme monogrammed cap is a perfect symbol of today’s fashion culture.” – Emma Hope Allwood, Fashion Features Editor, Dazed

“They bootlegged LV and now LV is working with them. Classic skate/streetwear style!” – Keith Hufnagel, HUF

“Just because Supreme is pegged in the streetwear category, I wouldn’t say it is – especially juxtaposed with other names in that space. Their attitude, distribution model and long-term strategy are more akin to a 100-year-old fashion house. They just happen to use sweatshirts and graphic tees as their medium.” – Bobby Hundreds, The Hundreds

“It feels very much like an LV collection (as opposed to a Supreme one) but I like the fact that Supreme has incorporated strong elements of NYC in certain pieces – the nod to Dapper Dan with the bomber jacket and baseball cap hail back to that old school New York style, albeit with a Parisian price tag!” – Ross Wilson, DJ/Writer/Streetwear Collector

“Supreme was a different brand 17 years ago – scrappy, punk, underdog. Skateboarding was invisible and subversive, while high fashion was unattainable. Today, the circle is closing. What’s underground is mainstream and vice versa – the classifications are not applicable; we’re dealing with a new hierarchy.” – Bobby Hundreds, The Hundreds


What did YOU think about all this, more importantly? Let us know in the comments below. We’re still not sure.

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