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Long Live Eastside Stevie

Josh Peas :: 01.18.2017
Josh Peas remembers A$AP Yams. To friends, Yams was a witty, charismatic enigma that brightened any room or chat room he was in. To the world, he was the man with the plan for one of hip-hop's bigg... Read more

More Than a Hobby :: A Closer Look at Malaysia's Growing Streetwear Scene

Kazie Holiday :: 01.18.2017
Our new documentary short takes a closer look at Malaysia's growing Streetwear scene and three of the key figures who are pushing the culture. Read more

Here's How You Can Attend a TEDx Talk on the Merch/Streetwear Phenomenon

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.17.2017
What is the cost of being addicted to the experience of Streetwear? Writer Charlie Kane is holding her first TEDx Talk based on an article she wrote for The Hundreds—here's how you can attend. Read more

Producer Supah Mario Is Blazing a Trail From an Unlikely Place

Miguel Garcia :: 01.17.2017
We spoke to Supah Mario, the young South Carolina producer crafting complex bangers from "Thief in the Night" to "Wyclef Jean" and the sounds of tomorrow. Read more

5 Songs About Martin Luther King's Legacy from Nina Simone to The Game

Rainey Cruz :: 01.16.2017
Nas: "As a kid I ain't relate really / I would say your dream speech jokingly / 'Til your world awoke in me." Here's 5 songs dedicated to the legacy of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., from Public E... Read more

The Most Passive-Aggressive Moments on Netflix's Show About Nothing, Terrace House

Zio :: 01.16.2017
Bobby Hundreds called this Japanese reality show "the antithesis of the American reality genre." Read more about the most addicting snoozefest you can watch right now and why everyone at The Hundre... Read more

Pop Music for an Uncertain Future :: A Conversation with Weyes Blood

Maxwell Williams :: 01.13.2017
"...There’s a little bit of the wanderer in my music who is just wandering and seeking and waving goodbye as I continue on my journey to nowhere." Interview with our favorite current musician &... Read more

How the West Was Won :: Kickin' It with Venice Rap Trio Warm Brew

Richard Massie :: 01.12.2017
We got Venice native Richard Massie of Those Folks to chop it up with Venice's most exciting rap trio Warm Brew. Read more

SPITSET Berlin :: Featuring Reese LaFlare, Alexander Spit and MLB

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.11.2017
SPITSET lands in Berlin with performances from Reese LaFlare, Alexander Spit, and MLB. Read more

These Photos Offer a Vibrant Peek Into Cuban Street Life

Mike Steyels :: 01.11.2017
"The aging grain of their film is a character itself, drawing out the feel of an island living within a time capsule." Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb's photos of Cuba are now on exhibit in Miami. Read more

What Drives You? :: The "Love Work Revenge" T-Shirt

Kazie Holiday :: 01.10.2017
"Love, Work, and Revenge are the three basic fuels to anybody’s drive." Introducing the "Love Work Revenge" shirt, exclusive to Wildfire Association members only. Read more

SMELL BETTER :: Fragrances You Should Be Wearing in 2017

Maxwell Williams :: 01.10.2017
Here are a few scents by the likes of Nasomatto & Comme des Garçons that will give your nose a beautiful start to 2017 even if the rest of your body lives under a fascist government that wants ... Read more

For The CULTURE :: Agenda Is Keeping the Spirit of Creativity Alive

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.09.2017
"The constant passion to create is what will keep this industry alive—and if this year's show was any indicator, then it isn't going away any time soon." Read more

RECAP! The Hundreds Eat Meet at Beer Belly Long Beach

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.09.2017
A recap of our extra special post-Agenda Tradeshow Eat Meet at Beer Belly Long Beach. Read more

Prize Fighters :: A Peek Inside the Future of the Fighting Game Community

Justin Davis :: 01.09.2017
From the arcades to the worldwide stage, competitive Fighting Games are breaking through the glass ceiling. But is the community ready? Read more

DJ/Producers The Martinez Brothers Found Their Beat in the Sounds of the Bronx

Senay Kenfe :: 01.08.2017
"Bronx people have their own attitude. Whether you make it out or not, it never leaves you." The Martinez Brothers pay homage to their hometown and talk about how DJing and producing goes hand in h... Read more

#TheHundredsPanorama :: 01.07.17

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.07.2017
#TheHundredsPanorama is a snapshot of our global community, with photos curated by Raoul Laisina (@XAOUX) and The Hundreds Staff. Tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured. Read more

Lady of Rage :: An Interview with Tasha the Amazon

Anna Dorn :: 01.06.2017
“I’m more the party conductor than the spectacle on stage, I'm just the one who happens to be holding the mic." Read more

The Secret Life of Joakim Ojanen's Art

Zio :: 01.06.2017
"I'm fascinated about the fact that we are aging and all the time changing a little bit... I think the characters I'm making are all my previous years—they are both 8 years old and 30 years old at ... Read more

Slice of Life :: Raoul Laisina Shares a Photo Set of Portraits from Bali, Indonesia

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.05.2017
Photographer Raoul Laisina (who co-curates #TheHundredsPanorama) shares a photo set of portraits taken in Bali, Indonesia. Read more