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Ice Cream in SoHo :: Monica Alvarez

Ice Cream in SoHo :: Monica Alvarez

One of my favorite types of shoots to do when I am out of town is to just walk around the city – and in that moment take pics with a model. Don’t get me wrong, staying at a nice high rise hotel and working with a girl in that setting has its pros, but I really enjoy just getting outside and seeing what we get. No plan of attack other than capturing moments when we can and keeping it moving. While out in N.Y. on a recent trip I linked up with Monica Alvarez. I am sure you remember her Test Shot segment. Those photos are still making noise to this day. Since then, people have been hoping that we would hook up again to shoot. Well, we finally did for a day of pictures in the Big Apple. But for me I wanted to do something a little fun and different with her. So, being that it’s summer, we decided to walk around SoHo. When we came upon a Mister Softee truck, we both agreed that would kick off our shoot. She ordered a vanilla cone and away we went shooting. Like I said, we had no real idea or agenda of what we were going to shoot. Sometimes these sets turn out the best. Take a look for yourself to see. And thank you again Monica for taking the time to link up and shoot with me. Always a pleasure.

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