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All New Spring 2017 Graphic T-Shirts :: Available Now

All New Spring 2017 Graphic T-Shirts :: Available Now

All new graphic T-shirts from The Hundreds Spring 2017. Inspired by one of our favorite advertising campaigns, a suped up version of a 1980 comedy film poster, and a bygone era’s brick phone start up screen.

Shop at The Hundreds flagship locations, authorized stockists, and right now in the Online Shop.

“Mac Daddy” T-shirt

Available in White, Black, and Pink.

“Cloud Slant” T-shirt

Available in Powder Blue, Pink, and Black.

“Connected” T-shirt

Inspired by nostalgia—our Nokia POS brick phone start up screen. Itself a nod to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel fresco “The Creation of Adam.” Available in Cream, Burgundy, and Black.

“Chrome Slant” T-shirt

Available in Cream, Powder Blue, and Black.

“Flying High” T-shirt

Inspired by seminal 1980 comedy film classic Airplane!. Our graphic is a nod to the film poster, but flipped with a ’64 Chevy Impala instead of a plane. Available in Burgundy, White, and Black.

“Blocks” T-shirt

Available in Coral, White, and Black.


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