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L.A. MC AmirSaysNothing Sticks It to the Man in His New Music Video

L.A. MC AmirSaysNothing Sticks It to the Man in His New Music Video

AmirSaysNothing has always been about telling his side of the story. His debut album, Employee of the Month—which dropped last summer and was praised by the likes of Noisey—is a semi-autobiographical account of his abrupt decision to quit his day job and dive headfirst into chasing his dreams.

The young MC recently premiered a new music video for the title track on his album on HipHopDX. We called him up and asked him about it: “The [“Employee of the Month” music] video should feel like the intro song to the Employee of the Month TV show [laughs].” He’s got a point: the video feels like the start of a ’90s sitcom, featuring Amir biking around a suburban neighborhood and terrorizing coworkers at the office (the set of which happens to actually be The Hundreds Homebase).

“[The video depicts] Brady bunch vibes, quiet suburban neighborhood, everybody loves each other, blah blah blah. This is kind of me fucking with that whole idea. I just wanted to cause a little disruption in the system, which is kind of the idea of the album and the idea of any DIY artist like myself,” he adds.

The whole video is about disturbing the universe, destroying the mundane, and merely being. “I may not be the poster boy for that idea,” Amir says, “[But] the ‘Employee of the Month’ is working smarter, not harder.”

Check out the visuals for his new music video, and get the entirety of Employee of the Month on iTunes. And while you’re at it, check out our profile of the rapper HERE, and our Track-by-Track HERE.


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