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Long Live Eastside Stevie

Long Live Eastside Stevie

Today marks the 2nd year
anniversary of ASAP Yams passing.

To friends, Yams was a witty, charismatic enigma that brightened any room or chat room he was in. To the world, he was the man with the plan for one of hip-hop’s biggest present day stars and a vision for every other artist he connected with along his path. That was the thing about Yams—no matter the circumstance—if he believed in you, he was willing to risk his reputation, time, and effort for you. Since his passing, Yams’s legacy has lived on in many forms, from his musings of wisdom on Twitter to his archaeological musical taste that still defies and amazes most hip-hop writers and A&Rs. The worst incarnation of Yams’s legacy is the persistent shout outs and reckless indulgence of the very drug that contributed to his death.

Illustration by Tecnificent

We all have our vices, and I’m not one to judge, but let’s be aware and conscious of what we are putting into our bodies and what we are promoting others to do. Yams was a victim of influence. I’m sure he first experimented with promethazine because of its prevalence in Houston hip-hop culture, a scene he studied. Houston built a whole culture off of the slowed down feeling that lean gives its user.