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Who is Alexander Spit?

Who is Alexander Spit?

Who is Alexander Spit? The Hundreds takes a peek into the daily life, the trials, and inspirations of rapper, writer, producer, and artist, Alexander Spit.

“I’m trying to be an embodiment of the lifestyle I grew up on.”

Visuals were shot by Steven Murashige, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, who has directed commercials, music videos, and film for clients from Rage Against the Machine to Target. In regards to capturing Alexander Spit, he said, “When making a piece like this, it’s all about the person. With Alexander, I just [kept] my eyes and ears open and let his spirit flow through the piece and how that spirit connects with that of The Hundreds.” But making sure you’re properly telling someone’s story is a task within itself, as well as choosing what to tell—to which Steven said, “I always try and trust my gut and remain sensitive to when something moves me because that means I’m on the right track.”


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