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Visions of Vegas :: Part 1

Visions of Vegas :: Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post of Ashlyn, I was out in Las Vegas last week for Agenda. I made the 3-4 hour drive with my buddy Trashhand to spend a few days in Sin City. It is always a good opportunity to make it out to these gatherings. Not just for my brand v/sual, but also as a person. To be in a industry like this is a blessing, but at the same time, people who you have grown to know as well as yourself can end up being a bit too busy to see each other back home. So it works as a win/win in the sense of catching up with friends and networking on some new projects.

After checking into the hotel, we decided to cruise around and see what we can photograph. Strapped with my Leica M 240, I was excited to try out a new lens I had purchased: the 21mm 1.4. I’ve been used to shooting with a 24mm on my Canon, so I was curious to see the perspective this lens would give. After walking around the Venetian Trash, I bumped into Anna Sian in the lobby. We mentioned we were going to hit downtown to shoot, and since she had her camera on her, we extended the invite and along we went. Downtown Vegas to me has a lot more personality than what you see on the strip, but after a long drive, we didn’t stay out too long. All in all, it’s always fun to go out and see what you can create in images. And I think that’s a keyword one should always say when taking photos: fun.

Downtown L.V.

What up, Anna!

Anna shooting a portrait of Trashhand.

Double selfies.


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