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The Hundreds X The Shadow Conspiracy

The Hundreds X The Shadow Conspiracy

On March 28, two legendary teams join forces once more, as The Hundreds is collaborating with The Shadow Conspiracy to release an extremely limited edition BMX bike. This isn’t the first time these iconic brands in their respective cultures have worked together, which demonstrates the mutual admiration and respect the companies have for one another’s mission and contributions to the overall conversation.

The Hundreds and The Shadow Conspiracy will release a striking double top tube 26” bike in beautiful chrome, accented with neon pop colors that harken back to the original heyday of BMX in the 80’s. The one-of-a-kind bike comes with an old-school drop nose seat adorned by a sublimated custom graphic and retro-inspired pad set. This bike isn’t just a looker, built with the guts and glory of The Shadow Conspiracy proprietary custom parts, including their signature Shadow Chain. Shadow’s game-changing hardware put them on the map and forced competitors to rethink their sloppy copy-and-paste production methods, just as The Hundreds has flipped streetwear on its head for years by putting quality first in both product and content.

The Shadow Conspiracy founder, Ronnie Bonner: “We did a 20” on our last collaborative project, so The Hundreds was getting on me about doing a 26” this time around. The great thing about a 26” is that it reaches a broader audience and we wanted this project to be about people riding together. It’s a big, comfortable BMX bike that makes it easy to cruise.”

The Shadow Conspiracy’s bloody, brutal, black-and-blue motif has been a staple of the brand since the beginning and shows how many times you have to fall before you stomp it and achieve success. While the bike collaboration focuses on brighter colors and shiny chrome, Shadow’s attitude still shines through on the collection of clothing and accessories being released alongside it. The limited edition capsule features a collaborative jersey made of moisture-wicking Coolmax mesh, as well as a dual-branded graphic T-shirt, pullover hoodie, and snapback.

Bonner: “The bike is our canvas. We build the bike and then Patrick and The Hundreds team handle the artwork to fit the desired aesthetic. Patrick and I looked at what had been done with bikes in different time periods while designing it, but he really handled that end of it. The Hundreds brings the art, we bring the function. Innovation is everything to us. We were the first brand in cycling to turn the seat into a canvas for art. Before that, people were just slapping their logo on seats. We invented the interlock chain. Improving the functionality and having strong lightweight parts is extremely important to us.”

Get your first look at the collaboration when The Hundreds and The Shadow Conspiracy hit the streets for an LA Mash, where we’ll ride from The Hundreds store on Fairfax to Lock & Key on Vermont, beginning at 5:30 PM. The bike and accompanying capsule collection will be available for sale at select retailers and The Hundreds online store on March 28.

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