LMAO :: The Best Memes of the Year

LMAO :: The Best Memes of the Year

By The Hundreds Staff

December 27, 2019

It’s about that time, fellas. The end of the year is upon us and it’s time to reflect on the days where everything seemed to be going wrong but the memes kept us going. In fact, many things went really, really wrong this year but nothing is off-limits from memes. Interviews, celebrities, and movies are often caught in the crossfire. Thank God we don’t have to log on and see another Area 51 or Joker meme again. But there are some memes that need to be resurfaced.

First and foremost, we’re leaving all the bullshit in 2019.

It was a banner year in the meme community, with plenty of meme all-stars and newcomers alike joining in the fun and getting plenty of upvotes on Reddit. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty and give out some awards. This year, we’ll be crowning an MVP and a Rookie of the Year in the meme world and the decision is up to you. We’ll give you the nominees below and it is your duty as a user of Al Gore’s Internet® to vote for your winner.

First, let’s take a look at the nominees for Rookie of the Year. There were a lot of possible choices here but these nominees truly stood out from the crowd and made us laugh all year long.

Rookie of the Year

Memes are enjoyable because everything and everyone is subject to meme-ification. You never know what or who will become the next meme sensation. However, it takes a certain type of character and charisma to have multiple ongoing viral memes. These people are the revolutionaries, the firestarters, the trendsetters. This year, a few newcomers to the meme game really shined and made it seem like they could pop off with a new internet sensation at any moment. There’s no telling what these rookies might do next.

Kawhi Leonard

When Kawhi was asked about the numerous players imitating his “hey hey hey” catchphrase, Kawhi simply responded with “People love me, I guess, and like the things I say.” I will always respect someone who talks that big talk therefore Kawhi’s nomination for Rookie of the Year is solidified. Though his personality could be described as “dry” or “devoid of humanity,” the NBA superstar racked up a surprising number of viral memes this season. Whether or not he takes the trophy home is up to you.

If y’all see me with my headphones in looking focused just know this is what I’m listening to:

Tekashi 69

If we’re being realistic, Tekashi dominated the majority of the meme season. Starting off with his Breakfast Club interview where STOOPID memes were born, to Charlamagne saying he’ll top Tekashi off if he beats the infamous case against him, to beating the case and coincidentally getting banned from the Breakfast Club. While it has been made clear that we are laughing at him and not with him, it’s even more laughable that the judge overseeing Tekashi’s case is aware of the memes. Memes are universal and apparently a safeguard as Tekashi chose to be left out of the witness protection program. Someone should really let Brother Nature know about this Meme Creators Protection Program...

And who could forget the instant classic where Tekashi has a bit of memory loss?


Aw shit, we’re about to get real disrespectful. The rapper who once started off as a meme has had quite the year after signing to Cash Money West. After Blueface’s “lesson” to Shiggy, it is unclear whether Blueface is, in fact, a comedian or a rapper but he is indeed a bonafide meme star that qualifies him as a valid contestant for Rookie of the Year.

Now, it’s up to you. Who deserves to win Meme Rookie of the Year? Vote in the poll below.


It is time to select our MVP of the year, the King of the Memes. These nominees are the people who time after time have dominated the charts with no end in sight. These people continue to live their life with the intent of pushing meme culture forward — and we thank them for their dedication to the craft.

Spice Adams

Former NFL player Spice Adams was great at football but he has found his true calling in making us all laugh hysterically. It all started a couple of years ago when Spice set the internet ablaze with his wide range of characters, first releasing content on Vine (RIP). But it wasn’t until this year when his UH HA HA laugh and his song about Chic-Fil-A fries and his jump shot hit the viral jackpot, putting him in the MVP discussion.

Soulja Boy

King Draco aka Soulja Boy claimed all this year that he had the best comeback of 2018, which in turn led to him having an even bigger 2019, except he tended to excel more on the meme front than in the music world. Soulja has always been a ticking meme bomb, ready to go viral at any moment, proven a few years ago when his elaborate retelling of a robbery at his house put him in the meme Hall of Fame. But it was his Breakfast Club interview earlier this year that put him back on the meme charts, hitting us right in our meme hearts.


Already voted our top artist of the decade, one could say he is the favorite in the meme category as well, as there isn’t a meme-VIP contestant that has consistently delivered proverbs to live and standby as frequently as Mr. Hendrixx. His “Sensational” quote from his Nardwuar interview a couple of years ago put him on the meme map, but this year he ascended to a different stratosphere, reaching Astronaut Status.

Spongebob Squarepants

First things first RIP Stephen Hillenburg, the man responsible for delivering the materials needed to have Spongebob in our Meme MVP list. The capacity that the internet has to make Spongebob into relatable memes should be a course at Harvard and Yale.

Now, the power rests in your hands. Who will take home the title of Meme MVP and rule over the internet into 2020?

The Best of the Rest

It was an amazing year on the internet, and there are countless memes we could feature but we’ll limit it slightly so you can maintain normal breathing.

Wave Check

Gather ‘Round Children, Let Me Tell You a Story

Scream Queen

Aaaaaaand then, Facebook got a hold of it.

Most Meme’d Fits

Also, this counts because the dreads weren’t part of his body.

Sir Savage the 21st

Mother of Dragons and Queen of Thinly Veiled Disgust

etc etc etc

Let us know on social what your favorite memes of the year were and here’s to hilarity ensuing in 2020…


The Hundreds Staff