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Available Now :: The Hundreds Summer 2016 "Signature" Washed Dad Hat

Kazie Holiday :: 06.22.2016
The Hundreds is proud to present the The Hundreds Summer 2016 "Signature" washed dad hat—available now at flagships, authorized stockists, and in the Online Shop. Read more

Premiere :: CLOCKWORKDJ's Nostalgic Dirty South Mix 'WORKintheSOUTH'

Justin Davis :: 06.22.2016
Blast this nostalgic Dirty South mix masterpiece CLOCKWORKDJ put together for The Hundreds called "WORKintheSOUTH," featuring Big Tymers, Master P, Mia X, Juvenile, & more. Read more

6.22.16 :: OUTLIER, Blends, BBC

Peter :: 06.22.2016
OUTLIER Ultrahigh Bags – OUTLIER’s commitment to over-engineering knows no bounds as the New York brand introduces a new line of bags. For the spring and summer season, OUTLIER uses their Ultrahigh... Read more


VideoDaze :: 06.21.2016 Read more

Through the Viewfinder :: Behind Photographer Devin Allen's 5 Favorite Shots

Andres Tardio :: 06.21.2016
"I watched this guy literally run past me. I didn’t know the police had formed a line behind them to box him in. So, he ran down and I manually focused. As soon as he ran down the frame, I just sna... Read more

6.20.16 :: Reebok, KAWS, Medicom

Peter :: 06.20.2016
Reebok Pump Court Victory – The year is 1989 and a seventeen year old from California came to Paris and smashed the competition. On the clay courts of the French Open was Michael Chang dominating t... Read more

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi :: An Interview with Mega of Black Scale

Leland Ware :: 06.20.2016
"I think some brands lost [themselves] by getting too used to the money... They forgot about the integrity of why we became brands." Mega on the story of Black Scale, the state of streetwear, and b... Read more

What E3 Taught Me About the Future of Virtual Reality

Todd Knaak :: 06.20.2016
"E3 showed me the marketer's approach to VR... but history is set behind closed doors, not on stages." Todd shares what the gaming convention taught him about the utilitarian future of virtual real... Read more

6.17.16 :: KINGSHIP, Volcom, Disney

Peter :: 06.17.2016
KINGSHIP Summer 2016 – Los Angeles is never short of storytellers, but the journey of the immigrant family is one that is pervasive and compelling. KINGSHIP is a brand started from three brothers f... Read more

Hustle :: A Quick Etymology

Brandon Diaz :: 06.17.2016
"It’s that scrappy, heart-pumping persistence into your backbone, perseverance into your pineal gland." Brandon uncovers the surprising history behind our generation's favorite word—all the way bac... Read more

10 TRACK COMMANDMENTS :: Watch Out Lil Bitch (Haterade Mix)

Tara Mahadevan :: 06.16.2016
"...The [Lil Bibby 'You Ain't Gang'] hook is so devilishly catchy that I fell asleep with it stuck in my head last night, and woke up with it still there." Here's 10 tracks to bump while chucking u... Read more

Changing Perceptions :: Inside NuArt, Europe's Most Dynamic Street Art Festival

Manos Nomikos :: 06.16.2016
"It’s important that we change the perception of spray cans in art education, that it’s not a weapon or a threat in and of itself, but what you choose to say with it, can be." NuArt founder Martyn ... Read more


VideoDaze :: 06.16.2016 Read more

6.15.16 :: GREATS, CLOT, DQM

Peter :: 06.15.2016
GREATS x Noah – The Babenzian brothers have put in a lot of time in menswear, and each one contributes a little bit of that history in their latest project. Former Supreme creative director and fou... Read more

Through the Viewfinder :: Behind Gunner Stahl's 5 Favorite Portraits

Justin Davis :: 06.15.2016
Rising portrait photographer Gunner Stahl shares the stories behind five of his favorite shots—from meeting Desiigner outside of a CVS to witnessing Lil B grace the people. Read more

The Hundreds by Mark Riddick Collection :: Soundcloud Metal Playlist

Kazie Holiday :: 06.14.2016
"My wish is that the sounds and visuals associated with the collaboration act as a message to the masses that underground music is about passion, allegiance, and rebellion, it constantly challenges... Read more


VideoDaze :: 06.14.2016 Read more

How Astronautica Is Paving the Way for Women in LA's Beat Scene

Anna Dorn :: 06.14.2016
Self-taught LA beatmaker Edrina Martinez aka Astronautica delves into how she went from Low End Theory attendee to getting signed to Alpha Pup and infiltrating the LA Beat Scene's boys' club. Read more

Apply to Be Our Next Official Lookbook Photographer with This Hashtag

Kazie Holiday :: 06.13.2016
Want to be the photographer for a The Hundreds lookbook? Want to get paid $1,000 for doing so? Then join us for the first ever The HundredsXLookbook competition. Read more

6.13.16 :: FairPlay, Supreme, Snow Peak

Peter :: 06.13.2016
Supreme x Jah Life/Barrington Levy – Supreme’s affinity for music culture digs a little deeper this summer as the New York brand teams up with New York transplant Hyman “Jah Life” Wright and Barrin... Read more