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The Hundreds Presents :: "Unspoken Desire" (2015), a Short Film

Kazie Holiday :: 09.03.2015
The Hundreds presents our first short film this Fall 2015, "Unspoken Desire." Directed, written, and edited by Johnny Chang, produced by Katie Huston, and starring Abraham Delgado and Danielle Souza. Read more

New Southern Gothic :: The ATL Twins Reflect on "Kids" & Life in the American South

Cullen Poythress :: 09.03.2015
Tennessee-born twins Sidney and Thurman Sewell (The ATL Twins) reflect on 20 years of Larry Clark's "Kids," how life in the American South shaped their identity, and their current project of recrea... Read more

The Hundreds Fall 2015 D2 :: "Rose Pack" :: Available Now

Kazie Holiday :: 09.03.2015
The Hundreds presents the The Hundreds Fall 2015 "Rose Pack," available now at all four shop locations, authorized stockists, and in the Online Shop. Read more

DISPOSED :: Summer in the 6

Chief Bosompra :: 09.03.2015
Chief revives our DISPOSED series with this latest photo set of summertime vibes, all shot on disposable cameras in Toronto's street culture scene. Read more


VideoDaze :: 09.03.2015 Read more

Abandonment Issues :: Hawthorne Mall with Michele Maturo

V/SUAL :: 09.02.2015
Van Styles shoots the one and only Michele Maturo at an abandoned mall in Hawthorne, California—a site that's been a set location for films like Minority Report and The Green Hornet. Read more

FREE SPITSET in Oakland, featuring EZALE, Alexander Spit, & More

Kazie Holiday :: 09.02.2015
The Hundreds is proud to present round FIVE of our free monthly show concept SPITSET, this time in Oakland, featuring DJ sets by EZALE, Alexander Spit, Segundito_2KI, and Cellus. Read more

Forget the VMAs :: Best Recent Hip-Hop Music Videos with a Social Message

Zach Norris :: 09.02.2015
Here’s OUR nominees for a category writer Zach Norris just made up: “Best Hip-Hop Video with a Powerful Message That We Should Pay Attention to As a Community, Society, and Country," with Kendrick ... Read more

9.2.15 :: Lexdray, Converse, Dragon Ball Z

Peter :: 09.02.2015
’47 x 686 – Motherfuckers just throwing numbers together at this point. All jokes aside, this is an interesting project between the technical prowess of 686 and ’47, a leader in licensing professio... Read more

These Two Music Industry Execs Left Dream Jobs to Start a Wildly Successful Food Blog

RTWgirl :: 09.01.2015
Pair an insanely popular hashtag, food love, business know-how—and you've got a millennial success story. Andrew Steinthal & Chris Stang quit dream jobs to start The Infatuation, a hip go-to fo... Read more

Making Good Stuff :: A Studio Visit & Interview with GOOD ART HLYWD

The Hundreds Staff :: 09.01.2015
“[Money's] never been the why or the driving force,” says Josh Warner, who has been sculpting hand-crafted luxury silver and brass goods for over 25 years at his company GOOD ART HLYWD. “The drivin... Read more


VideoDaze :: 09.01.2015 Read more