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Jensen Karp :: 06.23.2014
A good time to start talking about Jerrod Carmichael (@NotoriousROD) would be right now. If you’re looking for the type of credibility that allows your friends to trust everything you say about eme... Read more


Peter :: 06.22.2014
DJ Paul Van Dyk x TOMS – Toms penchant for philanthropy has caught the eye of legendary disc jockey Paul van Dyk. The two will work together to create a limited edition Galaxy Collection. The speci... Read more

Jovellyism Daily :: Snaps in B&W :: 6.18.14

Jovell :: 06.22.2014
Black and white photography is beautiful. The lack of color in an image forces you to create (or if you were there, recreate) an entire scene filled with colorful hues, tones, and patterns. It forc... Read more


Kazie Holiday :: 06.21.2014
When Luis Ruano and Zach roamed through Toronto, they hit up the premier sneaker boutique Livestock and caught up with their store manager Adrian Campana. In its 10th year strong, the iconic store ... Read more

TODAY IN LA :: Go Skateboarding Day with Huf

V/SUAL :: 06.21.2014
While I am currently in Chicago on Go Skateboarding Day 2014, I did have the opportunity to help out with one of my favorite brands for a commercial promoting their event on this glorious day. The ... Read more

Nike Kobe 9 LOW EM "Independence Day"

Jon Hundreds :: 06.21.2014
KOBE 9 LOW EM INDEPENDENCE DAY With July 4th around the corner, Nike has cooked up this crazy all over the place red, white, and blue colorway of the Kobe 9. The sneaker sports a milky icy sole wit... Read more

Go Skateboarding Day :: Southside Skatepark

Kazie Holiday :: 06.20.2014
To commemorate 20 years of Southside Skatepark, the park just released a promo for the “Southside aXXiversary” skate film, set to release this Fall/Holiday season. See the video below and check out... Read more

QUICKIE 6.18.14

SDJ :: 06.20.2014
MIDTOWN MANHATTAN 6/13/14 5:30 PM Read more


Peter :: 06.20.2014
Epaulet ELPA Crewneck – With warm weather year round, folks in SoCal don’t know much about heavy jackets, but everyone can appreciate a nice sweatshirt. Epaulet in Los Angeles has come up with a cr... Read more

Rendezvous :: April

Neave Bozorgi :: 06.20.2014
April: What are you doing? Me: Nothing. April: Just got done with a casting. I’m coming over. Me: Ugh, fine. These are the kinds of conversations April and I have every time we hang out/shoot. She ... Read more


Alexander Spit :: 06.20.2014
For a few months now I’ve showcased my side of carefree living as an artist in California with these blog posts and photo updates. In many ways everything you see and read about coincides directly ... Read more


Kazie Holiday :: 06.19.2014
Follow The Hundreds’ Design Team as they pass through Big Bear, CA, to work on the Fall 2015 collection. Their stay at The Hundreds Design Haus is like The Shining except with carved wooden bears, ... Read more


VideoDaze :: 06.19.2014

Jim Darling :: Above All Else

Rob :: 06.19.2014
Jim Darling is the most accomplished artist you never heard of. He has painted with Revok. He has done massive murals and innovated street art. Besides that, he has been my friend since I moved to... Read more


Peter :: 06.19.2014
CLSC x MLTD – Los Angeles-based label CLSC has been making some big moves this season with the latest being with online retail giant Moose Limited (MLTD). To usher in the summer season, CLSC has cr... Read more

Battle at the Berrics 7 :: PROS VS. JOES

V/SUAL :: 06.19.2014
Last Friday was that time of year for the annual Battle at the Berrics. It is really awesome to think that this was the 7th year of the famed flat ground only contest that has since become a cult p... Read more

Meet the Punks Behind Alexander's Greek Kitchen

Alina Nguyen :: 06.19.2014
Recently, a new spot called Alexander’s Greek Kitchen opened up down the street from The Hundreds Homebase with the sign reading “$ WUTUP VERNON $” and the whole team here at The Hundreds went nuts... Read more

Nike Air Foamposite One "Concord"

Jon Hundreds :: 06.19.2014
The Concord Foams revisit their natural habitat of tonal uppers with a nice shiny black coat reminiscent of black patent leather. While the soles rock a transparent blueish tint, royal blue accents... Read more

Selfie Sessions :: Crystal Tillman

V/SUAL :: 06.18.2014
What do you get when you give Crystal Tillman a Sony RX100 and a mirror? A new Selfie Session for all of us to enjoy! I feel like you can definitely tell a girl’s point of view or outlook through a... Read more


Mac :: 06.18.2014
The Anwar Carrots X Puma release event took place last night in a small Puma-owned nook in Los Angeles. An intimate gathering of the coolest of cool people – and the drunkest of drunk people – it w... Read more