By Jeremy Deputat

June 24, 2014

Hello my people. I’ve been on a hiatus, as you may have noticed. Between traveling from one end of the world and back, and getting situated in my new studio space, my life has been non-stop. After a month of craziness, shooting everyday, no days off, I finally stumbled upon a few unaccounted-for hours yesterday afternoon and took advantage of that shit. I hit my ace Rick Williams and we moved through the city shooting flicks on the 1st day of summer. I’ve been on a mission to find some untouched, killer artwork that sits below the radar and wanted to get to the roof of the crumbling Fisher Body Plant in Detroit and peep a few pieces from the homie Nychos and crew. This may be one of my favorite pieces in the city at the moment. Although it was painted last year, it’s still in pristine condition considering you gotta navigate through the dark, collapsing 6 story building with a camera in one hand and the burner in the other just to get to the rooftop, where it sits in all its glory. It’s a play on the most deliciously famous coney dog, one of the foods Detroit is known for. While all the regular-ass people were at the riverfront hoping to catch a show by Rick Ross at Summer Jam (before the Detroit goons denied him a hood pass and chased his ass away from the venue), we we’re sitting on top of the world enjoying this beautiful day. Peace in the middle east.

Jeremy Deputat